Visual Effects

Rooted in reality and fantasy?

Outer space or the bottom of the ocean – make them your film sets! With visual effects (VFX), there are no limits for you to tell your story. Hardly any film, game or spot is made without the use of VFX these days.

Studying at the Animationsinstitut gives you an artistic and technical education in the implementation of VFX in films, games, and other formats. Our technologically sophisticated infrastructure allows you to learn all relevant techniques for VFX production. You carry out your own projects and have the space and freedom to experiment in a variety of ways together with other Filmakademie students. Highly skilled lecturers support you, and even while studying you get to meet important players in the national and international industry.

While collaborating on VFX projects with other students you specialize in a specific role in the production process. As a VFX supervisor you account for the artistic realization of effects, while as a VFX artist you design digital worlds. With your studies, you create the basis for your VFX career in the film and media industry. As a member of our team you contribute your personal strengths while becoming part of a lifelong network. VFX alumni of the Animationsinstitut hold important positions in major international film studios and game companies.

  • Entry level
  • Basic Studies (BS), lateral entry into Project Studies (PS) possible
  • Duration
  • 2 years Basic Studies,
    2,5 years Project Studies
  • Teaching Language
  • German/English
  • Academic Degree
  • Diploma
  • Tuition fees (per semester)
  • BS: 0 € (first degree)/
    650 € (second degree)/ 1.500€ (non-EU-residents)
    PS: 650 € (second degree)/ 1.500€ (non-EU-residents)
  • Job Profiles
  • VFX Supervisor, VFX Artist, Digital Matte Painter, Lighting/Shading/Texturing Artist, Previz Artist, Modeling Artist, VFX Compositor, VR Director

Visual Effects Made by Students of the Animationsinstitut

The production A CALLING. FROM THE DESERT. TO THE SEA by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg won the VES Award 2023 in the category "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project". Students of the Animationsinstitut created the visual effects (VFX) of the short film.



A CALLING. FROM THE DESERT. TO THE SEA tells the story of the sisters Ahlam and Yasmin, who defy the set boundaries and customs of their father. In order to reach a mystical sea, however, they first must face an enemy from within.


The visual effects team from the Animationsinstitut created the monster "The Ghoul" for the film. It took over two years to design the computer-animated creature, for which the team drew inspiration from the anatomy of humans, ostriches, caimans, and dinosaurs. In addition, the students simulated the monster's hair, spit, and muscles.


Jan Burda, Senior Lecturer Visual Effects

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Whether it's movies, games or the advertising industry – visual effects are needed everywhere! At the Animationsinstitut, students learn about the endless possibilities of visual effects in a wide variety of projects.

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Student Projects


Chocolate Man Making-Of

Creature Pinup

Proxima-b Making-Of


Obolus Making-Of

Prof. Juri Stanossek, Visual Effects

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The specialization VFX deals with the planning and creation of visual effects from the script to the final image at the highest level.

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Andreas Feix

The diversity of the students and their different perspectives create a unique environment you can learn and work in.

Andreas Feix, Alumnus, Digital Compositor at Industrial Light & Magic


Who can apply?

Our Visual Effects studies are suitable for technology-oriented world builders who already have gained experience in the field of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), enjoy working on a computer and have an eye for detail.

What industries are most suitable to gather practical experience before starting my studies?

You can gather experience in the field of post-production, ideally in a company that works a lot with VFX. Other options are advertising agencies, communication offices or even architecture offices.

What are my job opportunities after receiving my diploma?

During your studies, you already get in touch with your potential employers, so your career prospects are excellent, especially if you are willing to move for your work.

You decide in which environment you want to work later. From video and film studios, (post-) production companies to VFX service companies or multimedia and advertising agencies - everything is possible.


Some of the positions you can pursue with a degree in Visual Effects include: Compositing Artist/Supervisor, Grooming Artist, Mattepainting Artist, VFX Supervisor, On Set Supervisor, Lighting/Shading Artist, FX Artist, Nuke Artist, Technical Artist, Previz Artis


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