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Effects Artist

The subject area Animation is structured into basic and project studies, both lasting for two years each, whereas basic studies are attended by all students of the Filmakademie jointly and interdisciplinary. The project studies at Animationsinstitut offer students the opportunity to focus on their own projects as well as to specialize in an elective are of their choosing.

  • Effects Artist is one of four specializations within the subject area Animation. Taking on the role as VFX Artists, VFX Supervisors or Effects Directors, students learn how to implement visual effects.
  • The VFX Artist is responsible for the design and integration of digital sets, props, effects and characters. These work areas encompass the planning of effect scenes, previsualization, set supervision, the recording and editing of live-action material, CG creation, compositing and finishing.
  • The VFX Supervisor is in charge of the planning and artistic implementation of effects during live-action films.The Effects Director assumes the overall responsibility of a project – from idea to project closure. During the preparation and realization of a project the Effects Director takes responsibility for any artistic decisions.

The structure of project studies in the subject area Animation is modeled on the production of animation and VFX projects and is structured into five production phases. At the end of each phase the students have to achieve specific milestones to ensure that the project can enter the next phase. Every team is supervised by visiting lecturers during the different phases. The Head of Production and the project consultants mentor the project process.