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Diploma 2024

Congratulations to our graduates of 2024! You did it, and we couldn't be prouder. The world is yours for the taking — celebrate your success in style! We can't wait to see more from all of you. For now let`s have a look at your profiles and current project information in the Diploma Showroom:


Honoring our graduates - Diploma Ceremony 2024

On April 30 the diploma students received their diplomay certificates offically turning into Graduates. The following slideshows allow some long lasting memories for this unique moment. Congratulations on all you have done & learned, on your friendships and on who you have become!


Graduate Network Filmakademie

As part of Filmakademie, the Animationsinstitut graduates are of course part of the Filmakademie Alumni Network. With the theme "Alte Liebe rostet nicht" we try to foster a vivid community and support in the path to a professional future and continous talent development. The Filmakademie alumni website "Alte Liebe rostet nicht!" provides information, news and an extensive alumni profile database.


Diploma 2023

Congratulations to all of our graduates. We are looking forward for everything new to come and wish you all the best for this new phase of your (professional) life.


Diploma 2022

In 2022, the Animationsinstitut celebrated its 20th anniversary. By then, almost 500 students from the Animation and Interactive Media programmes graduated from the Animationsinstitut. All of them are an essential part of the Animationsinstitut community. Here is a greeting to the 2022 graduates.


Diploma 2021

In 2023 Animationsinstitut launched the Faces series: former students talk about what and why they studied at Animationsinstitut in Ludwigsburg, what challenges they overcame and what lessons they learned. But above all, they share one thing: their very personal impressions. Get to know our alumni even better by swiping through the gallery. In these interviews and learn more about studying at the Animationsinstitut along the way:


Swipe through the gallery here and get to know our alumni:


Meet the Grad: Christian Kaufmann

About half a year after his graduation, we interviewed former Animation student Christian Kaufmann. “At the Filmakademie, it was mostly short films, now, I am working on a larger series,” states Christian, who is working at Studio Soi, an animation studio in Ludwigsburg.

Alumni Profile of Christian Kaufmann

LinkedIn Profile of Christian Kaufmann



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