Faces – Let’s Talk about Project Mania, Daily Routine and a Finale Grande

Alumni talk about their experiences at Animationsinstitut


Maybe you are familiar with multi-awarded projects such as a "A Juggler's Tale" or "NEOSHIN". But who are actually the creators behind them? "Faces" shows the alumni of Animationsinstitut from various specializations, be it Technical Directing, Animation Effects/Producing or Interactive Media.

The former students talk about what and why they studied in Ludwigsburg, what challenges they faced and what lessons they learned. But above all, they share one thing: their very personal impressions. Get to know our alumni even better in these interviews and learn more about studying at Animationsinstitut along the way.


Jiayan Chen, Animation/Effects Producing

“Actually, the biggest challenge during a production, I think, is coordinating different artists from different areas. We have 65 artists from 14 different countries and there was a huge amount to coordinate for me.“



Timo Müssig, Interaktive Medien

“The special thing about Interactive Media is that it's a really holistic approach to interaction and experiences in general. The key focus is how do we create a nice experience.”



Enzio Probst, Technical Directing

“I think learning which buttons to press in a software, you can do this at home. But you cannot work in a big team at home usually. By combining the different specializations of each person and the different ideas, you can make the best of it.“


Isabella Braun, Animation/Effects Producing

“I wanted to study at Animationsinstitut to learn all the new technologies. What inspired me the most were the opportunities of VFX and Animation; implementing things that are normally not part of the real world.”


Dominik Schön, Interaktive Medien

“Of course, there were always technical challenges that we had to tackle. But if you work in a team, those challenges actually can be a lot of fun and discussions around them can really be something where you learn a lot.”



Ramon Schauer, Technical Directing

„Studying Technical Directing is a great chance to be a bridge between the technical and the artistic part of a project, which makes it a really exciting field to work in.”



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