Myself´s Online Animation Mentoring

Myself´s Online Animation Mentoring offers regular lessons on the process of animation filmmaking, covering every step from idea finding to first sketches up to the finished project. Each and every lesson builds on one another and concludes in a concrete exercise for you. Your results will be exclusively evaluated by Myself, who provides a short but concise feedback.

Share your project with the community and upload your results on Instagram using #myselfsanimationmentoring. And don´t forget to tag us @animationsinstiut.

Myself: 30 years of Filmakademie

30Something! Filmakademie celebrates its 30th anniversary. Myself wants to honor Filmakademie employees, but needs the help of the audience. Maybe you can help Myself out?


Myself teamed up with Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) and presented a special edition of Myself´s Online Animation Mentoring from September 23 to October 1.


The participants created drawings or even small animated movies on the topic "We'll meet again". Myself selected the following eleven submissions as exceptional results.


Click here to browse through the exceptional results.


Lesson Three

Message from Myself:


Dear Everybody,


due to a storm in Virtual Reality "Myself´s Online Animation Mentoring - Lesson 3" has to be postponed to autumn this year.






Lesson Two

Release: Monday May 11, 2020


You can participate in Lesson Two until May 17, 2020.

Please note: You need to finish Lesson One before participating in Lesson Two (s. below).


Watch the lesson to get the exercise and send your material to:


Myself will get back to you with personal feedback soon.

Lesson One

Myself extended the deadline for Lesson One: You can participate until May 17, 2020.


Send your material to: