Study Technical Directing

Enthusiastic about Technology and Trends?

Whether you create breathtaking shots using motion capture, or ultra-realistic VR environments – as a technical director with a background in computer science, you set new tech trends in the film and game industry.

You create the link between art and technology in the production of films, games, or immersive media projects. You manage any technical aspects.  

After you have completed your studies of computer science or a similar subject area, you are comprehensively trained as a technical director at Animationsinstitut. You implement animation and VFX projects, research new software solutions, and are free to experiment in a variety of ways together with other Filmakademie students. Supported by highly qualified lecturers, you get to meet important players in the national and international industry even while studying.

You are in charge of finding the solutions to technical challenges in the projects you work on in a team with other students. For example, you program suitable software solutions, automate animation or VFX processes, and define workflows.

Another important part of your studies is your research work at Animationsinstitut, which opens new horizons of technology for films, games, and other formats. You are involved in the development of innovative applications and participate in the institute’s intensive research in the context of third-party funded projects.

After graduation, you can assume technical responsibility for major film and game productions as part of a creative team. It has taken many technical directing alumni of Animationsinstitut only a few years to occupy key positions in the VFX and animation industry around the world.

  • Entry level
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Duration
  • 2,5 years
  • Teaching Language
  • English
  • Academic Degree
  • Diploma
  • Tuition fees (per semester)
  • 0 € (for EU-residents),
    1,500 € (for Non-EU residents)
  • Job Profiles
  • Technical Director (TD), Technical Artist, Creature TD,
    Pipeline TD, Research TD, Shading & Lighting TD,
    FX TD, Virtual Production TD, Rigging TD

Alumnus Justus Schmidt about His Studies

Prof. Volker Helzle, Senior Lecturer

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The students learn to master the technological challenges that are required for the realization of projects in the fields of animation, VFX, virtual production and immersive media.

More about Volker

Trailer Technical Directing

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I see a Technical Director as a mixture between an artist and a person who likes technology and programming. It’s the perfect mixture of art and math.

Hanna Binswanger, Alumna, Rigging TD at Animal Logic


What is a Technical Director?

Technical directors are responsible for the technical supervision of film projects, meaning that they manage the technical aspects of the production. By joining a production team, technical directing students at Animationsinstitut learn to solve problems and handle pipelines. Among others, they develop plugins and applications, define workflows and production requirements and engage in current research projects.

Why should I study Technical Directing?

Career opportunities for technical directors are very good. For instance, alumni find work in the large Animation Studios of Hollywood like Pixar or Industrial Light & Magic. The mix between technical precision and artistic creativity makes working as a technical director varied and appealing.

Who can apply?

Candidates should hold a first degree in computer science or a similar subject and be interested in animation and VFX projects.


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