Animation/Effects Producing

Talented in organizing and coaching?

Be the one who pulls all the strings: As a producer of films or games you are involved in every phase of a project, from the initial idea to overseeing the shooting all the way to the final marketing. You are the one to make it all happen!

At the Animationsinstitut, the postgraduate course Animation/Effects Producing opens the doors for you to find your way into the film industry. Students learn everything about production-related implementations of animation, game and effects projects. In two and a half years, you will improve your professional skills in budgeting, team building and resource management, and many more.

In addition to these theoretical foundations, the focus of your studies is on practical projects, working in groups with other students. Your organisational skills are key in production teams. The objective is to teach you a way of thinking that allows you to come up with solutions and helps you with the competent creative development and implementation of project ideas.

This course provides the basis for your career to take off as a producer in the film and media industry or by setting up your own production company. Animation and effects are used in almost all productions, providing you with a wide range of possibilities for the future. Many graduates of the Animationsinstitut work for international film studios or game companies where they are responsible for major projects, occupying important interface roles.


  • Entry level
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Duration
  • 2,5 years
  • Teaching Language
  • German/English
  • Academic Degree
  • Diploma
  • Tuition fees (per semester)
  • 0 € (for EU-residents), 1.500 € (for Non-EU residents)
  • Job Profiles
  • Animation Producer, VFX Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Projekt Management

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Course Structure

The full-time study course Animation/Effects Producing is a postgraduate study programme, however, it is possible to study Production starting in the basic studies. At the end of your studies, you will receive your diploma from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


Basic Studies

If you begin your Production course in the basic studies, you will spend your first four semesters at the Filmakademie discovering your personal preferences and learning all the basics needed for project studies. You will


  • get an introduction to the basics of film, games and animation
  • develop an understanding for all areas of filmmaking like writing, sound design and camera
  • learn all the basics of producing, calculation and project management
  • learn how to set up contracts and develop an understanding for the economic side of filmmaking
  • learn valuable leadership qualities that will help you guiding your team through the production of any film or game
  • get to know employment, media and music law
  • get comfortable managing both budget and working with actors to create amazing projects
  • develop an instinct for good storytelling and target groups
  • learn how to create and present a successful pitch


You are interested in applying for the basic studies in Production before moving on to the postgraduate studies in Animation/Effects Producing? Please apply to the Production degree program.


Postgraduate Studies

Animation/Effects Producing is a postgraduate degree for everyone who already earned a related degree in higher education, for example a BA hons in media science or business. You can also apply internally after completing Production basic studies.


Students of Animation/Effects Producing work in teams with students from other specialisations to create exciting projects. Due to the small groups and many practice-oriented phases, there is no set schedule, but one that is tailored to the students’ projects and changes week to week. This allows for the necessary flexibility you need to realise your projects.


As a student at the Animationsinstitut, you receive mentoring by professionals working in game, film and television productions, allowing you to build connections early on. You will also have access to industry-standard tools and equipment. Projects by students of the Animationsinstitut often screen at national and international festivals winning prestigious awards (e.g. Student Academy Awards).


You want to apply to the postgraduate study course in Animation/Effects Producing? Please apply to the Film & Media study program.


General information about the entry requirements for your application can be found here.

Prof. Lilian Klages, Senior Lecturer

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By working on various animation projects the future producers get to know their tasks first hand. They will be trained in teamleading and project management as well as various animation techniques.

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After Graduation

As an Animation/Effects Producer, you are not just limited to working in the animation or games industries. Today, animated elements and effects are used in almost all media productions, from action blockbusters to documentary films. With your solution-oriented and outside-the-box thinking, your presence in the writing room, on set and during post-production is essential to any production.


After graduating from the Animationsinstitut, you will have excellent career opportunities. Besides the practice-oriented film production courses at the Animationsinstitut that allow you to gain ample industry experience, working with mentors from the industry will help you build a network from the first day on.


Many graduates have also founded their own production companies. Our lecturers and mentors will offer you all their experience and help you get a foot in the door. The Animationsinstitut also offers workshops on self-employment, building an online presence and more, providing you with all the know-how you need to succeed.


Graduates of Animation/Effects Producing work as Animation Producers, VFX Producers, Production Coordinators, Production Managers, Project Managers and more.



What is an Animation/Effects Producer?

As an animation/effects producer, you control the technical production of animation and effects projects. You will be responsible for tasks such as calculation, scheduling, project management and team building. An animation/effects producer thinks solution-oriented and outside the box.

Who can apply?

Candidates should hold a first degree in economics, media, design or communication and provide proof of practical experiences. Ideally, candidates have already acquired some work experience in production.

I haven’t completed a degree yet. Can I still apply?

If you don’t have a first degree in a related field, it is possible to start out in the Production course at the Filmakademie. After completing the two-year basic studies, you can apply internally for Animation/Effects Producing.

Do I already have to have animation or VFX skills in order to apply?

Knowledge in these areas is an advantage, but not mandatory for the application. It is more important that you are keen to familiarize yourself with animation and VFX and to learn the basics of various animation techniques.

Why should I study Animation/Effects Producing?

As an animation/effects producer you play a central role in projects. From the beginning of your studies you take responsibility for your teams. In addition to valuable on-the-job training, the program includes special lectures and workshops on production-related topics such as calculation, scheduling, project management, team building and contracting. By working on these projects during your studies, you get to know your future tasks first hand and are thus optimally prepared for the demands of the market.

What are my job opportunities as an Animation/Effects Producer?

Career opportunities are excellent, since the international animation and VFX industry has a high demand in various fields of production.

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Since I focus on VFX, I have the opportunity to work on set. It is a perfect combination of office and set work.

Josephine Ross, Student Animation/Effects Producing


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