Directing skills, artist Gene, strength of character?

Let pigs fly and stones philosophize about humankind! Hardly any other sector of the creative industry sets less limits to your imagination than the world of animation.

At the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie offers you artistic and technical education in the field of animation. Whether computer animation, hand-drawn animation, stop motion, real-time animation, or interactive applications – our technologically sophisticated infrastructure gives you the opportunity to learn all relevant production techniques.

You specialize in either animation directing, concept art, or character animation. As an animation director you assume overall artistic responsibility for a project, from idea to project completion. As a concept artist you are responsible for the individual look, from the first sketches to character and production design to the final image. As a character animator you bring developed characters to life and focus on the field of animation.

The objective is to develop your individual artistic style. To this end, you carry out your own projects and are given the space and freedom to experiment in a variety of ways together with other Filmakademie students. You are supported by highly qualified lecturers and even while studying you will meet important players in the national and international industry.

After graduation, the fields of activity are plentiful within this genre with its importance for the creative industry. As part of our team, you also become part of a lifelong network. Many alumni of the Animationsinstitut hold key positions in major film studios and production companies.

  • Entry level
  • Basic Studies (BS),
    lateral entry into Project Studies (PS) possible
  • Duration
  • 2 years Basic Studies,
    2,5 years Project Studies
  • Teaching Language
  • German/English
  • Academic Degree
  • Diploma
  • Tuition fees (per semester)
  • BS: 0 € (first degree)/
    650 € (second degree)/ 1.500€ (non-EU-residents)
    PS: 650 € (second degree)/ 1.500€ (non-EU-residents)
  • Job Profiles
  • Concept Artist, Animation Director, 2D/3D Artist, CG Artist, Stop Motion Artist, Character Animator

Graduate Arne Hain about His Studies

Prof. Andreas Hykade, Head of Animation Directing

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There are no limits to animation anything we can imagine can be brought to life through animation.

More about Andreas

Student Projects

Song of a Toad


The Present


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The Filmakademie was perfect for me. I like telling stories and drawing a combination I dreamed of.

Kiana Naghshineh, Alumna, Independent Animation Director


Who can apply?

Everybody with basic animation skills who wants to specialize in character animation, concept art or animation directing later on. To get an insight into studying and the various specializations it´s best to join us at our open day, which takes place every year at the end of November, or also during our virtual Q&As, which are offered several times a year.

What industries are most suitable to gather practical experience before starting my studies?

Animation and illustration companies, but also film and TV production companies in general give valuable insights.

What are my job opportunities after receiving my diploma?

During your studies, you already get in touch with your potential employers, so your career prospects are excellent, especially if you are willing to move for your work. Permanent positions are common as well.


Questions about the study programme? Send us a message!