The Next Application Period Starts in Winter 2024

The specialisations offered by the Animationsinstitut are part of the Film and Media degree programme at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Exception: If you are interested in basic studies in the field of Animation/Effects Producing or Transmedia/Games Producing (Interactive Media), please apply for the Production degree program at the Filmakademie.

To apply for film and media or production, please use the online registration form of Filmakademie.

Learn more about the application process on the website of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

  • Application Deadline
  • February 15
  • Start of Studies
  • Winter Semester
  • Study Mode
  • Full-time
  • Academic Degree
  • Diploma
  • Tuition Fees (per Semester)
  • First degree: 0 €
    Second degree: 650 €
    Non-EU residents: 1.500 €

How do you apply at Filmakademie?

Step 1 Online Registration

First, register online via the application website of Filmakademie. There, you will go through the application process and submit your documents digitally, preferably in English (optionally in German). If you have a physical portfolio, you can also send it to us to the following address:

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Akademiehof 10
71638 Ludwigsburg

Application deadline is February 15 for basic studies, postgraduate studies and project studies. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your documents and general information on examination dates.

Step 2 Preselection & Invitation to Entrance Examination

A jury evaluates all applications. If you passed the preselection, we will invite you to the entrance examination, which will presumably take place in April.

Step 3 Entrance Examination

The entrance examination starts with a one-on-one interview. After this, you will be given an examination task, which must be completed within 72 hours.

Step 4 Colloquium & Feedback

You present the outcome of your 72-hour task in a colloquium in front of a jury. Around two or three weeks later, we will inform you whether you have been accepted as a student and by when we need your response.

Admission Requirements

You can find information on the specific admission requirements of each study specialization here.


Info: You will now be redirected to the main website of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.



General Questions

Do you charge tuition fees?

There are no tuition fees for first degree students.

For students who have already completed their first degree in Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg in general charges secondary tuition fees of €650 per semester but Filmakademie's postgraduate studies (Animation/Effects Producing, Interactive Media and Technical Directing) are an exception to this rule: there are no tuition fees involved.

For international students from non-EU countries the state of Baden-Württemberg does charge tuition fees of €1,500 per semester.

You can find further information regarding tuiton fees on Filmakademie's website.


What is the main language of instruction at Animationsinstitut?

Most of the basic study courses are taught in German.
Project and postgraduate studies are mainly held in English. English is the only language used in the Technical Directing course.

Is it possible to study in parallel at another university?

No, the studies are full-time and parallel studies are not possible.

Is it possible to change a course of study or a specialisation during the course of study?

In principle this is possible, the Examination Office will advise you in your specific case.

Do you offer portfolio consultations?

Unfortunately we do not offer portfolio consultations. If you have general questions about your studies, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Does Filmakademie have its own student accommodation?

No, please contact the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. However, you are welcome to send us your accommodation request. We will put it on our “blackboard”.

What kind of final degree does Animationsinstitut offer?

After successfully completing a study course, students are awarded with the Filmakademie’s diploma.


What are the requirements to apply?

In general, you need a diploma equivalent to the German Abitur. If you do not possess a university entrance degree, you have the option of proving your specific artistic proficiency in a particular test.
Furthermore, you will need to provide evidence of practical experience (e.g. an internship) in the film and media industries for most of our study courses.
You can find further information regarding the application requirements on Filmakademie’s website.

How many months of internships or other work experience do I have to prove?

In order to apply for basic studies, you will have to provide evidence of twelve months of practical experience. At the time of application, you will need to have completed at least six months.
For one of the postgraduate courses, you will usually need to have completed six months of practical experience.

Until when do I have to complete my internship?

You have to complete your internship by the time you start your studies at Filmakademie. At the time of application you must have already completed six months.

What kinds of work experience should I gain ahead of my studies?

You should gain work experience in the film and media industries (e.g. broadcasters, production companies, editorial offices, agencies, publishing houses, at the theatre, or other media companies)

How many times can I apply at Filmakademie?

You can apply three times maximum.

Can I apply for multiple study specializations at the same time?

No, this is not possible.

What's the difference between basic and project/postgraduate studies?

The basic studies span the first two years of your time at the Animationsinstitut, during which you will be taught all the basics of film and media production. In the following 2,5 years of project studies, you will choose a specialization, for example character animation or concept art, and focus on building your skills working on different projects with other students.

Can I apply for direct entry into the postgraduate courses or project studies without completing the basic studies course program?

Yes, generally, it is possible to enter the postgraduate or project studies without prior basic studies at Filmakademie if you provide sufficient evidence of your qualification.
You can find detailed information about the admission requirements here.

Can the work sample be longer than indicated in the application form?

We kindly ask you to comply with the specifications laid out in the application form.

Application from Abroad

What proof of language proficiency is required when applying?

DSH Level 2, TestDAF Level 4, Level B2 (Goethe Institute) for the Basic Studies.

There's no german language certificate necessary for the project studies and postgraduate study courses. Here English speaking skills are mandatory, however no language certificate is required.

Does Filmakademie offer any German lessons?

No, we don't offer any German language classes.

What qualifications/certificates must be submitted?

Certificates of education acquired abroad must be sent to the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart before applying to the Filmakademie in order to determine their equivalence with the German higher education entrance qualification (Abitur). The confirmation letter from ABK Stuttgart can be submitted latest until enrollment in September. You can find detailed information on Filmakademie's website or on the website of ABK Stuttgart.



Questions about the study programme? Send us a message!