Curriculum Structure

Animationsinstitut offers training in the study specilizations Animation, Visual Effects, Technical Directing, Animation/Effects Producing and Interactive Media, all of which are part of the Film + Media program.

During the two-year basic studies (1st and 2nd year), all students of Filmakademie receive training collectively and in an interdisciplinary manner to acquire the basic concepts and methods of film-making. During the following two-and-a-half years of project/postgraduate studies (3rd and 4th year plus diploma semester), the students work on their own projects in their chosen specialization.


Direct entry into project studies of Animation and Visual Effects is possible. In order to qualify, candidates for project or postgraduate studies should hold a degree in a relevant subject area or provide proof of sufficient work experience. Animation/Effects Producing, Technical Directing and Interactive Media are offered as postgraduate studies. Candidates must hold a first degree received by a university or equivalent institution (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) and provide proof of practical experience.


Training at Animationsinstitut is hands-on and project-related. The students receive support through seminars, weeklies and mentoring as well as individual supervision. After successfully completing their studies, students receive the Filmakademie’s diploma.

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Information Brochure

Would you like to get an overview of the studies at Animationsinstitut? In our brochure you will find a compact summary of the most important information.

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Course of Studies

Here you can find out more about the general course of studies at Animationsinstitut.

Further specific information on the course program of the various study specializations can be found on the respective pages.

1st Year

The first year is structured into four quarters of hands-on training, respectively focusing on experimental film-making, directing, camera and screenwriting.

The foundation courses let you get familiar with the academic conditions and range of programs at Filmakademie.

2nd Year

You learn the basics of animation in diverse workshops.

In the elective module Experimental Film-Making 2, you will be confronted with alternative filmmaking approaches as well as various animation techniques. You will produce a short animated film relying on your specific artistic skills.

3rd Year

Your postgraduate studies begin in a semester-long project with teammates from throughout the institute. Together, you will concept, brand and produce a trailer (AniTrailer) and an interactive media installation, live interaction, or VR/AR application (AniPlay).

By the end of the summer semester you will have developed four ideas for a diploma project, and produced a project outline.

Moreover, you present and discuss your project’s progress with instructors and students from all areas of study every two weeks.

Seminars, workshops and both individual and team mentoring sessions take place on a regular basis, supervised by renowned industry experts.


4th Year

In the fourth year, you will plan your diploma project in detail and make it happen.

You will work on resolving all artistic and production issues up to the end of the winter semester of your 4th year.

Every two weeks, you present and discuss your project’s progress with instructors and students from all areas of study.

Seminars, workshops and both individual and team mentoring sessions take place on a regular basis, supervised by renowned industry experts.


Individual and team mentoring sessions take place on a regular basis to support you and your project, supervised by renowned industry experts.

Once a fortnight you will have the opportunity to discuss the status of your project with students from all areas of study.

You will complete your diploma project before final exams in March, including: a master of the finished project, detailed documentation in the form of making-ofs, trailers, montages, publicity material, and a financial and administrative project report. Your studies conclude with a presentation of your diploma project.

Alumni & Initiatives

Regular alumni meetings, the Filmakademie alumni newsletter, and personal profiles in the alumni portal ( as well as the annual FMX conference organized by Filmakademie provide the framework for an active alumni network.

Talent initiatives and networking: Animationsinstitut supports students and alumni on their way into the industry beyond their studies.

All this takes place under one roof of Filmakademie.

Technical Equipment

Studying at Animationsinstitut offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose which areas you’d like to focus on, we encourage you to give feedback and suggest guest lecturers from the industry. If you want to initiate a project or contribute to somebody else’s project, is up to you.

Constanze Bühner, Study Coordination

FAQ about Studying at Animationsinstitut

Do you charge tuition fees?

There are no tuition fees for first degree students.

For international students from non-EU countries the state of Baden-Württemberg does charge tuition fees of €1,500 per semester.

For students who have already completed their first degree in Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg in general charges secondary tuition fees of €650 per semester but Filmakademies's postgraduate studies (e.g. Animation/Effects Producing, Interactive Media and Technical Directing at Animationsinstitut) are an exception to this rule: there are no tuition fees involved.

You can find further information regarding tuiton fees on Filmakademie's website.

What is the main language of instruction at Animationsinstitut?

Most of the basic study courses are taught in German.

Project and postgraduate studies are mainly held in English. English is the only language used in the Technical Directing course.

When does the study program begin?

Studies at Animationinstitut always begin in the winter semester.

Is it a full-time study program?

Yes, you are a full-time student at Animationsinstitut.

Is it possible to study in parallel at another university?

No, the studies are full-time and parallel studies are not possible.

Is it possible to change a course of study or a specialization during the course of study?

In special cases this is possible, your lecturers and the Examination Office will be happy to advise you in your specific case.

Do you offer portfolio consultations?

Unfortunately we do not offer portfolio consultations. If you have general questions about your studies, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Does Filmakademie have its own student accommodation?

No, please contact the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. However, you are welcome to send us your accommodation request. We will put it on our “blackboard”.

What kind of final degree does Animationsinstitut offer?

After successfully completing a study course, students are awarded with the Filmakademie’s diploma.


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