Frapper Use Case

SPLAT! is a dedicated real-time rendering environment with an emphasis on Non-photorealistic Rendering (NPR) for animators, researchers and others intent on exploring new looks, both still and temporal, as well as the perception thereof. It proposes a re-ordering of 2/3D processes, a pursuit of computational prowess in service of artistic input and the potential synergy of connecting artists and graphics researchers. Focus is on community involvement and the development of an artistically intuitive, technically powerful interface built upon Frapper.


SPLAT! features:

  • Flexible real-time rendering and compositing environment
  • Reuse of exisiting shading nodes
  • Simple geometry and animation import via Ogre plugins for common DCC applications


SPLAT! has its roots in the aQtree cooperation project between University of Konstanz, Brainpets GbR and Filmakademie. The results of this cooperation are released as aQtree Frapper Nodes. A variety of animation film projects have been realized using the aQtree algorithms. A future cooperation with University of Konstanz will pursue on the development of new NPR techniques.


In a previous workshop at Filmakademie Romain Vergne and Pascal Barla from INRIA in France helped implementing their LightWarping Technique. Yet another example of the versatile usage of the Frapper platform.