In search of a systematic way of testing the combined Dreamspace Demonstrator in a structured manner, the partners came up with the idea of creating a futuristic environment for a TV show with user interaction settled in a science-fictional genre. Showcasing the advancements of the Dreamspace technology can be done best in a focused environment, built under the premise of real-world scale productions while being set up exclusively for the evaluation purposes.​


Battleground is the ultimate TV game show competition and viewing experience. In each one hour episode, contestants compete to see which team has the best bot, agility, weapons, defenses and team strategy to defeat the other competitors. Battling bot teams will compete on a green screen motion capture stage wearing mocap suits while watching a large projection screen. Utilizing real time motion capture, virtual environments and game engine interaction, each team must coordinate their actions (and virtual bots) to maneuver through dangerous environments while defeating the opposing bots.


To show the production value and to test the workflow internally, the resulting imagery of the Battleground production includes a behind-the-scenes as well as high-polished shots from our VFX pipeline. In the context of the delivery we tested most of the Dreamspace technology in combination. The Battleground production is the final production applying the final Demonstrator.