EMIL, the European Media and Immersion Lab, establishes a physical and virtual infrastructure, supported by research excellence, technological and creative expertise, with the overall aim of promoting innovation and the development of next-generation XR content, services and applications. It clusters the competence of internationally leading institutions in four key creative industry regions in Europe (Finland, Germany, Spain and the UK), bringing together excellence in narrative media production, smart garments, animation, VFX, embodied interaction, digital cultural heritage, digital health, motion capture / analysis, scientific research and technological development.

EMIL cultivates a strong relationship with the creative industry community that is established through the third party projects (FSTPs): designers, game developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, media enterprises, artists, digital fabricators, creative coders, user/citizens and public service media operators, with the aim to also connect them to one another and potential innovation partners across Europe.


The consortium consists of these partners:



Through two calls EMIL is funding project proposals in the range of 250.000 - 500.000 EUR with a total budget for third party projects of 5.6 Million EUR.
For an insight into the funded projects, please follow this link: emil-xr.eu/funded-projects


Additionally, each EMIL node creates an XR Lighthouse project around its core competence smart garments, embodied interaction, digital health and narrative storytelling.


Further information about EMIL, the Lighthouse and third-party projects can be obtained on the official website: emil-xr.eu


Lighthouse Project - FATE OF THE MINOTAUR

Within our narrative location-based VR experience FATE OF THE MINOTAUR, the players embody the role of human sacrifices from Athens who are sent into the labyrinth of the Minotaur by Minos, King of Crete. The experience tackles the universal topics of guilt and shame, as the players learn about the tragic family story behind the ancient Greek myth. They meet Pasiphae, the mother of the Minotaur, who tries to protect her son. His half-sister Ariadne wants to convince the players that the Minotaur is a raging monster. Players may choose to become the 'slaughterer of the Minotaur', but the heroism of this action is put into question in the context of our narration.
In a unique approach, the content can be experienced in different immersive scale options, depending on the technical and physical limitations of the location.

The official trailer for the narrative VR experience FATE OF THE MINOTAUR:


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101070533.

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