Our students' projects run very successfully at major festivals and receive prestigious awards from all around the world. May it be the Student Oscars or VES Awards – here you can get insights into the most important awards during the past 20 years.

On stage at an international award ceremony – a dream come true!

Imaging being on stage receiving an award for your own project – this is a dream come true for many. In orde to actually make this happen, Animationsinstitut supports its students and alumni so that they can attend international award ceremonies by themselves and be there for those big moments.


Paris you got me by Julie Böhm, Best Visual Effects - Kingbonn Award, China International New Media Short Film Festival 2018

Gravedad by Matisse Gonzalez, Best Animation Film, Filmschau Baden-Wuerttemberg 2019

Citipati by Andreas Feix, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project, VES Awards 2016

Wedding Cake by Viola Baier, Best Student Film, Annie Awards 2014

Neoshin Episode 01: Cold Blood by Sebastian Selg, Aurea Award, AUREA Young Talent Award 2022, © Copyright: Hans Joerg Haas, Europa-Park

The Beauty by Pascal Schelbli, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project, VES Awards 2020


Academy Awards for Animationsinstitut

2021 Longlist Academy Awards, Category Shortfilm: Gravedad by Matisse Gonzalez

2020 Winner Student Academy Award, Category Animation (International Film Schools): The Beauty by Pascal Schelbli

2018 Finalist Student Academy Award, Category Animation (International Film Schools): A Blink of an Eye by Kiana Naghshineh

2017 Finalist Student Academy Award, Category Animation (International Film Schools): Child by Viktor Stickel, Linus Stetter, Iring Freytag

Top 3 Most Successful Films

1. The Present by Jacob Frey | 91 awards

2. Mobile by Verena Fels | 67 awards

3. Paris you got me by Julie Boehm | 66 awards

The Hollywood Reporter

The Top 10 Visual Effects Schools 2019, The Top 15 International Film Schools 2017

7500 Festival Participations

7.500 – that's the number of festival participations since the foundation of Animationsinstitut.

Focus Money

Filmakademie Germany's best public art school 2018

The Rookies

Best Visual Effects School 2017, 2nd Place Best Animation School 2018, 2nd Place Visual Effects & Animation School Production Excellence 2021

VFX Voice

Among the „Leading VFX programs“ 2019

1000 international awards for student projects

Student Academy Awards, Annie Awards, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, VES Awards, BAFTA, The Rookie Awards, German Computer Games Award, Gamescom, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Cannes Lions, Cartoon d’Or, AMAZE, Lumière Awards, International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica, First Steps Awards and much more.

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