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Technical Directing

Technical Directors combine their previously acquired technical knowledge with artistic creativity. By joining a production team, the students learn how to solve problems, handle pipelines and rigs, work with scripts and APIs, understand lighting - and texturing-algorithms, develop shaders, tools and plug-ins, program interactive applications, automate animation processes and learn how to define workflows and production requirements. Technical Directors are part of the core team – consisting of a Concept Artist, an Animation/Effects Director and an Animation/Effects Producer – that takes on every Institute project.

Computer science graduates are eligible for admission in the 3rd year of Animation where they obtain the possibility to work ’hands-on’ as part of a film team or, else, to develop software tools during the 30 month project-based course of study. The Research & Development department at the Animationsinstitut furthermore provides the opportunity to engage actively in the development of new applications and to work in third-party funded industry projects. 

The Technical Directing course is open to applicants worldwide. No German language skills are required – but English proficiency is. Applicants are required to take an examination test and attend a colloquium in person.