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In the first semester, the TD students support the AniSpace and AniTrailer productions. Those are commissioned projects for the ITFS (Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film). In the following semester, they participate in FMX, support running final year productions and contribute to current research & development projects of the Institute. The second study year foresees to create an own project with a strong scientific or development focus along taking technical leadership roles in upcoming final year productions. Technical Director students participate in weekly meetings presenting their latest work to a larger audience. They also attend the R&D meetings and get individual mentoring on a regular basis.

TD Presentations at FMX


Here is an excerpt of the Technical Director Curriculum. These are usually 1-2 days seminars, mostly with practical assignments.

Winter Semester:

The Big Picture (...and the TD role) - Joel Green (Double Negative)
Virtual Filmmaking - Crytek Cinebox Team and Filmakademie R&D Group
Katana Introduction - Stefan Habel  (The Foundry)
Linux Introduction - Andreas Schuster (Filmakademie)
Introduction Houdini - Hendrik Panz (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
Zootopia and Focus on Simplifying and accelerating simulations - Hendrik Panz (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
Advanced Team Leadership - Karin Larsson
FACS Rigging & Facial Animation Toolset - Volker Helzle (Filmakademie)
Math for TDs - Hans-Peter Heppel (HFT Stuttgart)
Object Oriented Programming - Diana Arellano (Filmakademie)
Hands On VFX Supervision - Juri Stanossek (Mackevision)
Excursion Max Planck Institute for Perceiving Systems Tübingen
Python Introduction - Andreas Schuster (Filmakademie)
Face Rigging & Advanced Rigging Concepts for Feature Animation - Sabine Heller (Blue Sky Studios)
Technology Trends & Current Research Topics I - R&D Group
Realtime Graphics in C++ - Simon Spielmann (Filmakademie)
Excursion Crytek HQ/Frankfurt
Lighting und Shading in Katana - Marcel Reinhard (MikrosImage)

Summer Semester:

Advanced Houdini - Nikola Wuttke
Research Paper Implementation - Oliver Deussen (University of Konstanz)
Creating Believable Characters for Real-time Systems - TBD
Imaged Based Lightning & Physically Plausible Shading in Renderman - Christos Obretenov (Lollipop Shaders) & Arkell Rasiah (Tweaksoftware)
Machine Learning Basics - Ari Harjunmaa (Filmakademie)
Lighting & Shading - TBD
Motion Capture and Virtual Acting - John Dower & Oliver Hollis-Leick (The Mocap Vaults)
Technology Trends & Current Research Topics II - R&D Group + Special Guests
Advanced Team Leadership - Karin Larsson
Creature Rigging & Advanced Rigging Concepts  - TBD
Arnold in depth, physically based shading & rendering - Marcel Reinhardt (MikrosImage)
Procedural Animation - Thomas Mann
Introduction to Appleseed - François Beaune (Appleseed)
Excursion TBD