VFX Producing: Project Management is Key

Interview with The Beauty's Producers Aleksandra and Tina


After receiving a VES Award in the category "Outstanding Visual Effects" in a Student Projec and the Jury’s Choice Award at SIGGRAPH 2020, The Beauty just won the Student Academy Award! We talked to producers Aleksandra Todorovic and Tina Vest about the production specifics of a VFX project like The Beauty.

Aleksandra Todorovic & Tina Vest

What is your role as producers? Which tasks do you take on in a VFX project?


As a producer, you coordinate and control various fields of a film production, such as: financing, scheduling, marketing, distribution and you are the link between all departments.


In a VFX project, the preparation and accompanying implementation of a shoot is usually added – from getting the team together, organization of shoot permits to castings, the tasks can be different, depending on the size of the project. In the post production, the technical production of digital effects and elements needs to be coordinated.


Is the production of an animated film different from a VFX project and if so, how?


Yes, depending on the project, VFX and Animation projects can vary immensly. While there are many different techniques and styles even with animation, which require different producing forms, real elements have to be added to the VFX, which – depending on the requirements – get processed by different technologies. This means that processes and team sizes can be very different and more effort in producing is needed.

What did you do before studying at Filmakademie? What experience should you bring to study Animation/Effects Producing (AEP)?




Before studying at Filmakademie, I studied "Audiovisuelle Medien" (audiovisual media) at the Hochschule der Medien with a focus on 3D and VFX. Besides my studies I also worked as a 3D artist.


To study AEP, it is certainly an advantage to know the processes of an Animation or VFX production, but it isn´t a need. You should be technically and artistically interested and like to work with documents, schedules and people.




I have a background in the field of live-action and have gained experience in this area through various internships and freelance jobs. At Filmakademie, I started wit basic studies and live-action shootings until I specialized in AEP from the third year of studies on. Besides my studies I worked at the FMX conference, which sparked my passion for Animation and VFX.


For AEP you should have a handful of administrative, artistic and organizational skills and knowledge. But most important is a general passion for the film and media industry. Everything else comes with time, you acquire knowledge and get to know the processes of Animation and VFX projects.




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