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Project of the Month: PUMPERS PARADISE


How would a world work that is all about being fit and muscle-packed? Simple everyday situations become real challenges for the Pumper: If it does not seem appropriate or even impossible to train in a situation, the Pumpers still find a way to satisfy their training needs in a comical manner.

With his diploma film PUMPERS PARADISE, Eddy Hohf created a comical parody of the seemingly ever-increasing fitness hype in our society. With beautiful 3D animation and a big dose of situational comedy, the two-part series captivates viewers young and old. PUMPERS PARADISE was screened at various international festivals like Siggraph Asia, and was nominated for the Youth Competition in Clermont-Ferrand and for a First Steps Award.

Director Eddy Hohf on PUMPERS PARADISE:

“Over the last few years, I've noticed more and more how much the topic of fitness has gained in importance through all age groups. On social media - especially Instagram - fitness communities are growing and every workout progress is proudly presented. Coupled with my enjoyment of creating worlds, I came up with the idea for Pumpers' Paradise: a world where all the inhabitants are obsessed with working out and use every situation to keep on training - no matter how inappropriate or whimsical.


I was inspired by classic comedy formats from England such as Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson in live-action film or the sketches of the London animation studio Birdbox, but also the classic animated film ROLLIN' WILD by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow.“




Reference Shoot with Crossfitter Pascal Rothweiler and Animator Lukas von Berg

Director Eddy Hohf

After graduating in 2019, Eddy Hohf first worked in a Stuttgart studio before eventually moving to Munich, where he currently works in texturing, LookDev and lighting.


Learn more about Eddy Hohf and his diploma project on Instagram!



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