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Projekt des Monats: Pumpers' Paradise


How would a world work that is all about being fit and muscle-packed? Simple everyday situations become real challenges for the Pumper: If it does not seem appropriate or even impossible to train in a situation, the Pumpers still find a way to satisfy their training needs in a comical manner.

With his diploma film Pumpers' Paradise, Eddy Hohf created a comical parody of the seemingly ever-increasing fitness hype in our society. With beautiful 3D animation and a big dose of situational comedy, the two-part series captivates viewers young and old. Pumpers' Paradise was screened at various international festivals like Siggraph Asia, and was nominated for the Youth Competition in Clermont-Ferrand and for a First Steps Award.

Director Eddy Hohf on Pumpers‘ Paradise:

“Over the last few years, I've noticed more and more how much the topic of fitness has gained in importance through all age groups. On social media - especially Instagram - fitness communities are growing and every workout progress is proudly presented. Coupled with my enjoyment of creating worlds, I came up with the idea for Pumpers' Paradise: a world where all the inhabitants are obsessed with working out and use every situation to keep on training - no matter how inappropriate or whimsical.


I was inspired by classic comedy formats from England such as Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson in live-action film or the sketches of the London animation studio Birdbox, but also the classic animated film Rollin’ Wild by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow.“

Pumpers' Paradise: At the Funeral


Pumpers' Paradise: In the Park

Reference Shoot with Crossfitter Pascal Rothweiler and Animator Lukas von Berg

Regisseur Eddy Hohf

After graduating in 2019, Eddy Hohf first worked in a Stuttgart studio before eventually moving to Munich, where he currently works in texturing, LookDev and lighting.


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