Swimming Upstream

Projekt des Monats: this is a fish film



A fish asks itself an existential question: "What if they're wrong and you're right?". Pumped up by his individualism, he swims past his fish colleagues, until he ends up all alone in the big, black sea. And then the question becomes: "But what if they're right and you're wrong?"



Director's Note

This is a fish film was born because the highly talented Yi Luo and I felt we were out of filmmaking shape: Fingers rusty, heads heavy. To get out of this sticky lethargy, we asked ourselves the question: can we manage to make a tiny film in just one month? This resulted in a humorous little film, about what it really means to tread untrodden paths."



this is a fish film



Director Michael Bohnenstingl


Michael Bohnenstingl is almost 30, just finished his studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg’s Animationsinstitut and is now working full steam ahead on solid stories, believable characters and nourishing entertainment. For quite a while, he directed the series "Petzi" at studio soi.

Every now and then he hosts the alternative film competition "Night of Shame", where filmmakers show their most embarrassing work.



"Rasmus Klump" (2015/16).

Series - ZDF/studio soi - Co-director / Co-writer.


"Bis Donnerschdag" (2017).

Short film - Film Academy - director / writer


"Cat Planets" (2019)

Short film - film academy - production / co-director


"Slouch" (2021)

Short Film - Film Academy - Director / Writer

Night of Shame

Night of Shame was created by the Animationsinstitut alumni Michael Bohnenstingl, Yi Luo and Stefan Michel and is a somewhat different film competition in which not the best, but the worst works are granted a stage. The directors dig up their charmingly incompetent or just plain shameful films and present them to the fascinated live audience. After several shows, Night of Shame is currently taking a break due to the pandemic, but aims to continue as soon as possible.

Learn more here: www.nightofshame.com


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