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Project of the month: Opossum



For his diploma project Paul Cichon took a closer look at the inner life of a coffee machine and shows us what actually happens after we press the coffee button. Opossum is an incredibly amusing 2D animation film making the perfect entertainment for grey winter hours.
Enjoy watching!

Director Paul Cichon on Opossum:

"So, we had this automated coffee maker in the recreation room at the academy and with time it proved unreliable and increasingly more difficult to fix. When the taste of coffee became unpalatable, we decided to open the machine. That's when we found out there was an opossum living inside it!

As it turns out opossum operated systems are more widespread than we thought and they all have one thing in common: they break easily and pretty much always just days after the warranty expired. Apparently modern appliances are designed to break. Why is that? Whose fault is it and does anybody stop to think about the opossum for just one second? Find out in this most scientific and accurate film."



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