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Project of the Month: Jelly Pimple - It's snowing!


This month we present you a very special project, because Jelly Pimple is much more than just an animated film. For her diploma, Tao Zhang created a universe around a pimple that enjoys a happy existence in its own little world together with its friends, the blackheads. When the pimple appears, it affects the lives of its human host and a battle ensues between humans and pimples. Tao is packaging these adventures into a colorful mini-series.
In addition to the series, there will soon be merchandise and a mobile Tamagotchi game where users have to take care of a giant pimple. We're excited!


Read on, check out It's snowing! and find some first images of the upcoming episodes!

The idea for the project is based on my own experience. I suffered from pimples for many years and during that time, they became my biggest annoyance - yes, such a little thing. I thought it must be huge fun to animate a strange character like a little pimple, and since almost everyone can identify with it, the subject will probably resonate with many people. The story now revolves around the lives of pimples and blackheads that live on people's faces, unaware of the existence of their host, the human being. The series shows how the creatures in the two parallel universes affect each other's lives.

Director Tao Zhang

Jelly Pimple – It‘s snowing!

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Film festivals

  • Caminhos Film Festival 2019
  • ReAnimania 2019
  • VOID International Animation Film Festival Copenhagen 2019
  • Filmfest Dresden 2019
  • ZEBRA animation friendly fest 2019
  • Northern Wave International Film Festival 2019
  • SPARK Animation 2020
  • Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2020



  • Cartoon Springboard 2020
  • Animation Production Days 2020

Animator, character creator, animation director. Currently working on animated films.

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