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Editorial note: This article was originally released in January 2022.

As an employee in an architecture firm, Josephine Ross was initially responsible for the 3D visualization of houses and apartments. She found great fun in the creative activity, experimented with digital designs and models and eventually got interested in the VFX industry.

Josephine decided to study at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and received her diploma in Animation/Effects Producing in 2020. After graduating, she became part of RISE Visual Effects Studios, where she is a associate producer handling large VFX productions. For example, Marvel's recent series hits HAWKEYE and ETERNALS. Josephine is currently realizing other projects that will premiere in 2023.

Read on, learn more about Josephine's time at the Animationsinstitut and find out what advice she gives to applicants.


Interview with Josephine Ross


Why did you apply at the Animationsinstitut then and would you do it again?

Through a fellow student, I was able to get in touch with the Animationsinstitut while still being an undergrad. At that time, I had no idea about animation, VFX or interactive media, but I was eager to find out where my professional journey would take me. Because of my former work in an architecture office, I had a pretty good idea of 3D visualizations. Since I enjoyed modeling, rendering, photoshopping and designing a lot back then, it was obvious that the Animationsinstitut would be the right place for me.


In no second I regret having taken this path. On no day did I have any doubts that I would enjoy working in this industry and without batting an eye, I would apply to the Animationsinstitut again.


What event/project from your student days will you remember in particular?

There are several projects and not just one event. What all the projects have in common is what I will also remember in a special way, which is the people who were involved.

Regardless of the projects, I always had the incredible luck to work with a great team. Be it my very first project WONDERFUL WORLD, be it my diploma project LOVE AND 50 MEGATONS or AVANT CARD. It was always a strong unity and we were always there for each other and learned from each other.


The same can be said of many of the people who work at the Animationsinstitut and who have made it their mission to help and guide us students in our education. This is simply a gift for which I have always been very grateful.




What happened after your graduation?

After graduating in 2019, which came quite suddenly due to Corona, I started working for the VFX company RISE, founded in Berlin. As I discovered quite early during my studies at the Animationsinstitut that the VFX industry will be my future, RISE was the ideal company to start my career. The trust and openness I experienced from the beginning in this company has given me the opportunity to continue learning and developing. Since then, I've been working on international projects and as a Production Manager, I've worked on two Marvel projects that were released in 2021, among others.


What tip do you have for potential applicants?

Be honest and open. This profession is not only about the work but to a large part about the people you will spend many hours a day with.

The studies will sometimes be hard and exhausting. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with great artists, learn from great mentors, and only do what really fulfills you. The rest will come naturally.

More about Josephine Ross

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Professional Path

2009-2014 - Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart

2014 - 2014 - Production assistant at enigma film

2015-2020 - Studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with focus on Animation/Effects Producing

2019 - Masterclass at UCLA in Los Angeles with the Hollywood Workshop of Filmakademie

2019 - 2020 Freelance VFX Producer at supercontinent

since June 2020 - Associate Producer at RISE Visual Effects Studios in Berlin

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