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With an apprenticeship as a media designer in his pocket, Helge Forler first began studying digital media. After the fourth semester, he then switched to Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut, where he received his diploma in Animation/Effects Producing in 2018. As a producer of various VFX, animation and game projects, Helge was able to demonstrate his organizational skills and at the same time gain valuable experience as a creative producer.
In the interview, Helge told us why he applied to Filmakademie and what happened after his studies.

Read on and learn more about Helge Forler and the exciting challenges of the producer job.


Interview with Helge Forler


What does "be creative" mean to you in the context of Animation/Effects Producing?

For me, "be creative" means setting up a project as optimally as possible right from the start. Which artist can best implement the vision of the project in his field with his style or experience? What does a technical pipeline that makes sense for the project look like and what software is used? In addition, you should always be flexible and open to new things, e.g. technologies, for me this is also part of "creative production". An animation/effects producer always sees the big picture and can cook a delicious soup with the right ingredients.


Why did you apply at Animationsinstitut then and would you do it again?

During my Digital Media degree, we did an animation short film project over two semesters. It was a total disaster, there was no clear division of roles and no one really knew how best to organize such a project. Despite the catastrophic circumstances, I took the reins as a self-appointed project manager, so to speak, and together with my fellow students I managed to save the project halfway. In order to learn how to produce animated films properly, I decided to take the AEP course.


Yes, I would definitely do it again. You learn so much about all areas of a production (2D, 3D, VFX, Stop Motion, Games, etc.), work very closely with the teams and get insane support from the institute along the way. Definitely a good and very helpful introduction to the animation/VFX industry.


What event/project from your student days will you remember in particular?

Phew, this is hard to answer because there were a lot of events and special moments. Each of my projects had its special features, no matter if ups or downs. All these events broaden your pool of experience and you can always fall back on it in future projects. A very special moment though was the premiere of my diploma film at a music festival. We were able to meet the hard deadline and the whole team was there at the festival. Best party ever!!!


Helge's Diploma Project: Wall of Death


What happened after your graduation?

After graduation I joined the production company Eagle Eye Filmproduktion UG in Ludwigsburg as a production assistant on the feature film Latte and the Magic Waterstone. On this project it was very exciting to work with international co-producers and studios. Currently, I am the studio manager of Eagle Eye and will be the production manager for our next feature film.


What tip do you have for potential applicants?

That is easy: always be true to yourself and just put yourself out there, the rest will come naturally!



More about Helge Forler

Work Experience

Helge Forler was born in 1987 in Speyer. After his graduation, he started an apprenticeship as an audio-visual media designer at the Huber Verlag in Mannheim. After his apprenticeship, he worked there two more years at the filmproduction. 2013 he started to study digital media in Fulda and after the fourth semester he changed to Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg to study Animation/Effects Producing. Since that time, he produced some 2D, 3D and VFX-Projects right up to his own diploma full cg movie “Wall Of Death”. Since january 2018 he works as a production assistant at Eagle Eye Filmproduktion in Ludwigsburg for the animated feature movie “Latte and the Magic Waterstone”.


2018 (in cinemas) “Latte and the Magic Waterstone” (Production Assistant)

2018 „CRUSH“ (2D Producer)

2018 „The Steppes Of Khazar“ (2D Producer)

2017 „Wall Of Death“ (Director, CG Lead, 3D Producer)

2017 „Contra“ (3D Producer)

2017 „Dawn Of Civilization“ (VFX Producer)

2016 „Besonders Normal“ (VFX Producer)

2016 „Obolus“ (VFX Producer)

2015 „Space Cocks“ (2D Producer)

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