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Insights into studying at Animationsinstitut


You are thinking about studying Animation, Visual Effects, Technical Directing, Animation/Effects Producing or Interactive Media? You have questions about the course of studies, the contents of the different specializations or want to know what living the student life in Ludwigsburg looks like?

Then drop by our Virtual Q&A Session and get to know us online! Our study coordinators as well as students from different departments will answer all your questions about studying at Animationsinstitut.



Thursday, 15.04.21 / 17:00 CET



Introducing Animationsinstitut

As part of Filmakademie's Open Day in November 2020, we were able to produce several informational videos to give you a first impression of studying at Animationsinstitut: after an introduction by Animationsinstitut's Director Andreas Hykade (German only), Constanze Bühner will tell you everything about the requirements for studying at Animationsinstitut and the application procedure. In the same video, we will also show you our studios, editing rooms, project rooms and classrooms with a small tour through our building. Furthermore, you can look forward to three project presentations by our students from the fields of Animation, Visual Effects and Interactive Media.


Please make sure to tune in and inform yourself about Animationsinstitut prior to our Q&A Session so we can focus on individual questions.




General Information

The Projects



Format: Animationseries/Music album


Synopsis: After the invention of cryonic reality (CR) in 2073 the leaders of the world agreed to stop time count and proclaimed the year 2073X. While one is in the CR, the body does no longer age. Users also have access to a virtual utopia that serves as a substitute for the bleak real world. The story begins when a new CR-Virus called "Neoshin" shatters Ayukoas world.


Presented by: Sebastian Selg (Director), Jiayan Chen (Producer) and Ramon Schauer (Co-Director/Technical Director)


Learn more about the project here.


A Juggler's Tale


Format: Game


Synopsis: A Juggler’s Tale is an atmospheric 3D sidescroller set in a medieval puppet theater play. The string puppet Abby flees from her captors into freedom and adventure: a world of beauty and wonder - but also danger! She finds herself in a war-torn, medieval fairytale, surrounded by ravaged, starving citizens and hunted by the relentless cut-throat, Tonda. Who can she trust? Can she avoid the traps and betrayal? Despite dangling from her threads, Abby learns that she can still influence her destiny - if only by winning over the audience.


Presented by: Dominik Schön (Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Level Art), Enzio Probst (Game Design, Programming, Shading), Elias Kremer (Programming, Technical Artist) and Steffen Oberle (Game Design, 3D Art, Storytelling)


Learn more about the project here.


The most boring Granny in the whole World

Format: Animationfilm


Synopsis: Greta has the most boring grandma in the whole world. When she falls asleep on the sofa, Greta gets the idea, to play funeral with her grandma. This confronts them with some questions they didn’t ask themselves before. Because what remains when you have to leave life behind?


Presented by: Damaris Zielke (Director), Jiayan Chen (Producer) and Janik Otterbach (Technical Director)

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