Alumni of Animationsinstitut bring artwork to life

ARTiality – The Art Of Abstraction


For centuries, painting galleries were a fairly two-dimensional affair. Currently, however, museums are increasingly expanding to include virtual spaces, creating an entirely new art experience. The VR installation ARTiality - The Art Of Abstraction shows this development in an impressive way.


From July 2 to 4, world-famous works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint, Piet Mondrian and Oskar Schlemmer will be brought to life in Stuttgart's Kunstmuseum. Visitors can become part of these modern picture worlds themselves through the VR installation ARTiality - The Art Of Abstraction. Using a so-called Free-Roam-VR technology, they dive into the world of abstract painting while the journey of art history from representational to abstract art is narrated.


The users are provided with VR glasses and a hand tracker, with which they can move freely in a room (free roam) of the museum. ARTiality is part of the Yullbe program, a so-called location-based VR hub at Europapark in Rust. The installation will be on permanent display there after its world premiere at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.


The technology of virtual experience spaces is becoming increasingly realistic and sophisticated. The research and development department of Animationsinstitut has been conducting research in the field of the so-called concept of immersion for years. Therefore, it is not surprising that numerous alumni of Animationsinstitut are involved in the development of this project:


ARTiality was directed by Andreas Dahn. He graduated from Filmakademie in scenic directing in 2012 with an additional degree in visual effects from Animationsinstitut. VR artist Dan Franke, who graduated in animation from Animationsinstitut in 2020, provided the 3D modeling for the VR film. Wolfram Kampffmeyer, who graduated from Animationsinstitut in 2011, is responsible for the animations. The background music for the project also comes from Filmakademie graduates: Sebastian Bartmann, who studied film composition until 2011, wrote the music. Ana Monte (Diploma 2015), among others, was responsible for the sophisticated spatial sound and sound design.   


Learn more about ARTiality here.

Quill Workshop at Animationsinstitut

Matching the VR spectacle at the Kunstmuseum, students at Animationsinstitut will be offered a Quill workshop shortly after the installation moves on to Rust. Quill is a design and animation software for VR applications that is also used in the ARTiality installation. The workshop will be held by VR artist and animator Dan Franke, who is involved in the project.


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