Beyond Study

Talent Development at Animationsinstitut

Bridging the Gap between Study and Professional Future

Beyond study, Animationsinstitut encourages cooperation and exchange between students, alumni lecturers, and employees. This leads to a lively community in which members support each other regarding the development of ideas and projects, teambuilding, networking, a transfer of knowledge and technology, productions, and more.


20 years after its foundation, a total of almost 500 students have successfully completed their studies at Animationsinstitut. These graduates form a continuously growing, international alumni network. The community is united by a common interest in animation in all its facets—from linear to non-linear formatsand is characterized by professional and creative diversity. Regular alumni meetings, the FilmakademieAlumniNewsletter, and personal profiles on the Alumni-Portal as well as other online and hybrid offerings provide the framework for this dynamic network.


Our former students work at...

... Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Industrial Light & Magic, Weta, Framestore, The Mill (former: MPC), Scanline VFX, Mackevision, Pixomondo, Rise FX, Studio Film Bilder, Ravensburger, M.A.R.K. 13, Studio Soi, Studio Seufz, Woodblock, Studio Fizbin, Zeitlang Media & Games und vielen mehr oder gründeten ihre eigenen Studios.


Talent development

In accordance with the motto "lifelong learning", Animationsinstitut offers students and alumni to participate in programs such as Animation Sans Frontières (ASF). This EU-funded international training program brings together young creatives from all over Europe to develop animation-related projects. Also, to kickstart professional careers, Animationsinsitut supports its graduates in the matters of intellectual property, sustainable production, and entrepreneurship.


Third Party & Commissioned Productions

With and for external companies, institutions, and organizations, Animationsinstitut realizes a wild variety of commissioned productions and third-party funded projects in accordance with market conditions. These projects enable recent graduates to continue to work on ideas, approaches, and team works that were created during their studies, often in collaboration with Animationsinsitut's Research and Development department.


20 Years 20 Projects

Animationsinstitut celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. The celebretory book "20 Years 20 Projects", curated by Tina Ohnmacht and Andreas Hykade, contains 20 essays about 20 iconic projects that were created at Animationsinstitut. For this book, 20 of the alumni wrote essays on each project, reflecting their own personal view of it and their part in the history of Animationsinstitut.


The book was published in a highly limited edition for the anniversary celebration on July 15 and will be accompanied by other formats in the future, such as interviews with the essayists.



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