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Six Reasons Why You Should Study at Animationsinstitut

Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg trains outstanding talents at the highest level in the fields of Animation, Visual Effects, Technical Directing, Animation/Effects Producing and Interactive Media. In addition, the institute runs a research & development department and is responsible for the program of the annual international conference FMX.

Integral Approach & Specialization

We provide our students with an understanding of the animation medium’s overall context. On this basis, we enable them to specialize step by step.

Students at Animationsinstitut are offered an unparalleled combination of high-quality, technologically innovative projects, as expressed in classic film as well as interactive formats.

When they realize their projects, our students deal with questions concerning relevance, intensity and originality to find the form best suited to the respective content. They develop their technical skills by gaining practical experience with interdisciplinary project work.

Personal Development

We encourage and support our students as they discover and develop their authenticity.

Animationsinstitut gives students the freedom and chance to find their subject focus and individual artistic expression.

Basic studies provide students with fundamental knowledge about all areas of film, animation and interactivity. Project studies give students the opportunity to develop and realize their projects according to their interests.

For all students, practical experience is a key requirement for top-level specialization.

Project Work and Teamwork

Working in teams, our students develop and realize projects of exceptional quality.

Work together and learn from one another. Keep an eye on the bigger picture and on collaboration with other departments and everyone involved. Students can gain such crucial experience and benefit from it thanks to the consistent teamwork and project-centered approach facilitated by Animationsinstitut. In accordance with the diversity of artistic positions and skills, students and their projects receive individual support.

Guest lecturers of international renown aid and guide students at all stages of a project, with attention to artistic quality as well as practical relevance and audience attraction.

Technological Advantage

Close links with national and international research projects give our students a crucial advantage in terms of technology, too.

Our Research & Development department is involved in a wide variety of research projects and already working on technological standards of the future. This creates perfect conditions for keeping pace with dynamic industry developments.

At the same time, we guarantee our students direct access to state-of-the art equipment and give them the opportunity to experiment with technological innovations, widen the scope of their creativity, and establish the production processes of the future.

Talent Promotion & Networking

We make it easier for our students and alumni to get settled in the industry, define their roles, network, and develop their talents.

As organizers of FMX, we offer our students free access to one of the world’s most important conferences on digital entertainment along with opportunities for presentation and first-class contacts.

We also support training programs and initiatives for the promotion of talent where our alumni can apply.

Belonging to a lively alumni network, our graduates have access to a community of filmmakers of any discipline, which makes it easier for them to start their career.

Heimat & Internationality

Animationsinstitut is the home base. FMX is where the community meets and a career springboard for our students and alumni.

Animationsinstitut is big enough to reflect the entire spectrum of the animation industry, yet small enough to unite the diversity and create a family feeling: Everyone knows and supports each other.

At FMX, we open the door to the international digital entertainment scene. Distinguished representatives of this industry regularly contribute to our curriculum as guest lecturers.

In this exciting context and over generations of students, Animationsinstitut has become a breeding ground for great talent: The awards won and international careers pursued by a multitude of graduates tell their own tale.

Figures & Awards

The Hollywood Reporter

Filmakademie The Top 10 Visual Effects Schools 2019, The Top 15 International Film Schools 2017


Filmakademie of Germany's best state art academy 2018

The Rookies

Best Visual Effects School 2017, 2nd rank Best Animation School

VFX Voice

among the „Leading VFX programs“ 2019

Approx. 880 national and international awards

for student projects

Prizes or nominations at (selection)

Student Academy Awards, Annie Award for Best Student Film, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, VES Awards, BAFTA, The Rookie Awards, Deutscher Computerspielpreis, Gamescom, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Cannes Lions, Cartoon d’Or, AMAZE, Lumière Awards, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica, First Steps Awards and many more

Animationsinstitut's graduates work at e.g.

Pixar, Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Weta, Framestore, MPC, Scanline, Mackevison Pixomondo, Rise, Studio Film Bilder, Ravensburger or are (co-)founders of M.A.R.K. 13, Studio Soi, Studio Seufz, Woodblock, Studio Fizbin, Zeitland Media & Games and many more