Regina Pessoa

Concept Art & Directing

Regina Pessoa was born in Coimbra, Portugal, 1969. She studied Painting and graduated from Oporto's Fine Art's School. In 1992 she started working as an animator at the studio Filmografo in Porto-Portugal.

In 1999, she directed and animated her first independent film "The Night". From there she continued to directing her films such as Tragic Story with Happy Ending in 2005 and Kali the little Vampire in 2012 using different kinds of animated engraving techniques.

Her films have since gone on to win prizes around the world, including Grand Prix SICAF 2006 - South Korea; Grand Prix Annecy'06 - France; Grand Prix Animated Shorts SXSW 2007(South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival) - USA; Oscars 2007 Shortlist - USA; Hiroshima Prize 2012 - Japan; Annie Awards Nomination in the Best Animated Short Subject Category, 2013 - USA; twice finalist for the Cartoon d'Or (in 2006 and 2013) - Europe, etc.

In 2016 she became Senior Lecturer at Animationsinstitut, Germany. In 2018 she became a Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Presently she is directing Uncle Thomas - Accounting for the days, a co-production Portugal-France-Canada.

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