Michael Valeur

Finding Ideas

Michael Valeur has a background as poet and author and one of the pioneers in Danish multi-media. He developed award-winning games together with Deadline Media (Black Out & The Angel), already in the late ´90ties.

Over the years, Michael Valeur has worked on interactive installations at the Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, as well as many projects with new mobile technology, like smartphones and IPads, projects like Ego-trap for science centers and interactive role-plays for different museums. Also projects with experimental theatre, on the edge of drama and technology. The works all deal with the border between play and reality. He is still publishing poetry, sometimes in strange formats. The last collection Jewels (2015) was produced as physical rings with qr-codes, that gave access to reading the poems on a smart phone.

Beside the artistic work, Michael Valeur teaches and helds workshops. He has been teaching at the IT University in Copenhagen as well as at other educational institutions as Animation Workshop in Viborg, Dramatic Institute in Stockholm and Lusofona in Lisbon. His teaching crosses traditional formats, new dramaturgical methods and development of creative tools and processes that creates original content.

Latest publication in 2018 is the novel Homeless.



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