Successful Story World Development at the Animationsinstitut

Diploma Project WORLD OF GRA Creates Visuals for FMX, ITFS and APD


Press Release: Ludwigsburg, January 23, 2024



The development of story worlds at the Animationsinstitut has yet another success story: the 2023 diploma project WORLD OF GRA is the face of three leading animated media events in Europe. The conference FMX – Film & Media Exchange, the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (ITFS) and the Animation Production Days (APD) all chose WORLD OF GRA as their motif for the just released event trailers and visual designs.


For the very first time, custom trailers for each event have been created – each with its own story, focus and theme – by the same authors, from the same narrative universe, illustrating the harmonious spirit of synergy between the three events of “Stuttgart’s Animated Week.” Dr. Jan Pinkava, Director of the Animationsinstitut, welcomes the choice of WORLD OF GRA and sees it as a significant win-win situation: “I am delighted that our talented alumni have created such a beautifully resonant and meaningful collection of graphics and trailers for this year’s FMX, ITFS, and APDs. This is the best of all worlds for the three events, for our graduates, for the Animationsinstitut, and for Stuttgart’s ‘Animated Week’. Congratulations.”


WORLD OF GRA is a universe of many different stories that share one overarching theme: growth. The beings of the WORLD OF GRA all have one big problem. They grow and grow and just won`t stop growing. Clara Deitmar, the creator of WORLD OF GRA, believes that this theme is a universal human experience – life means change, growth, moving on.


Mirroring the IP itself, all of them have grown personally and artistically throughout the creation process and their Interactive Media studies at the Animationsinstitut. The production of the visuals and trailers for FMX, ITFS and APD 2024 marks a special milestone, as the producer Julius Dorsel explains: “It’s a badge of honour to be selected to provide the trailers for all three events! A bit intimidating and just wonderful that so many people are going to see our characters on the big screens.”


It is no coincidence that an Animationsinstitut production serves as the common motif. The project-oriented teaching at the Animationsinstitut animates its students to develop high-quality films, interactive applications and story worlds during their studies. For example, the short film THE BEAUTY, which won the Student Academy Award®, was the trailer for last year's FMX.


This year, from April 23 onwards, Stuttgart will once again become a hotspot for the animation industry. This is when FMX, ITFS and APD will open their doors to trade visitors as well as the general public. By releasing the trailers, the preparations are now in full swing – and the Animationsinstitut is proud to have made an important contribution.


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