Frapper Use Case

StereoBottic is a game specifically designed for an autostereoscopic display. The game currently supports displays manufactured by Tridelity AG. However, if you don't have an autostereoscopic display, you can still play the game on split-screen or by utilizing two monitors.


StereoBottic is a two player co-op game, where both players steer a robot together over a spherical planet full of lava, traps and platforms. The players need to press only a single button - if the first player presses the button, the robot moves forward and if the second player presses the button, the robot jumps.


The autostereoscopic display enables both players to see stereo and allows each of them to preceive a slight variation of the world in terms of different content. Therefore, the players also need to talk about what they see in the world and how they should react on what they see.


The game is also a proof-of-concept for using Frapper as a platform for interactive real-time applications. It is part of the current Frapper development branch.