Tools & Platforms

Software, Tool and Platform development at Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg is primarily open-source.

VPET, the Virtual Production Editing Tools, provide a holistic approach for collaborative tools that allow real-time on-set light, asset and animation editing via an intuitive interface.

A strong focus has been facial animation and emotions. This included the development of practical tools for high-quality facial rigging and animation: The Facial Animation Toolset as well as open Datasets and research libraries like the Facial Expression Repertoire.

Frapper, the Filmakademie Application Framework, features a node-based scene model with plugins for node types, a model-view-controller architecture, a panel-oriented user interface similar to commercial 3D packages, and a viewport using the Ogre 3D render engine. Frapper enables developers to focus on the core functionality of their application and research by providing a foundation of basic functionality.