Terms of use

Filmakademie Public Facial Data-Set


n order to receive the Filmakademie Public Facial Data-set, you need to submit a download request.Filmakademie may refuse to accept you as a user without naming any reasons.


After successful registration you may use the data for research and development purposes only.Commercial use of the data or software tools that rely on the data or parts of it is not permitted.


There is no support by Filmakademie.


Since the use of the Filmakademie Public Facial Data-set is for free, Filmakademie shall only be liable for intent and gross negligence; warranty is limited to malice.


The data may under no circumstances be used for racist, sexual or any illegal purposes.In all non-commercial productions, scientific publications, prototypical non-commercial software tools, etc. using the public data-set Filmakademie has to be named as follows: "Filmakademie Public Facial Data-set by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg / Institute of Animation“ and Mova has to be named as "Mova® Contour™ Reality Capture System".


For example: A company or individual may use the Filmakademie Public Facial Data-set to test and evaluate the quality of Mova's Reality Capture System. Furthermore it can use the data to prototype a production software tool. However it is not permitted to use this data, the software tools based on the data or any part thereof in any commercial context (e.g. for a commercial production of any kind, etc.). In case the company or individual would like to use the data in a commercial context, the software based on the data or any part thereof, the company/individual will have to contact Filmakademie (research@filmakademie.de). In any case the company or individual can create its own data set directly from Mova.


The data or any part thereof may only be web-hosted by Filmakademie. Furthermore the passing on of the Download information and/or the data itself (or parts thereof) is/are not allowed.