Stereo 3D

Collaborative Research on Stereoscopic Post Production Tools

The collaborative research project explores innovative software solutions for stereoscopic content creation. The Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI) are building the scientific backbone of the project.


"Development of systems and methods for effective creation and processing of stereoscopic content" is a broad-based project in which VFX companies are involved alongside camera rig and display manufacturers. The main focus of the project is the research and development of innovative tools to process stereoscopic contents in post production. Not every playback medium is compatible with every recording method. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the existing S3D material to the output medium during digital post-production. At HCI, the research is divided into three parts, all dealing with how one can extract additional information based on the analysis of the recorded video material that help to improve the 3D impression. At the Filmakademie this process is converted into application software tools for artists. The generated methods and components can make a significant contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of key enterprises of the digital creative industry in Baden-Württemberg.

Download Stereo Tools

435MB, system requirements: Windows7 and recent graphics hardware

Download Stereo Tools


This research was actively supported by five partner companies from baden-wuerttemberg