KI-Lab "Animation & VFX"

The KI-Lab "Animation & VFX" (KI is the german abreviation for Artifial Intelligence) is dedicated to accelerate media productions by the latest trends in Artifical Intelligence. The R&D team of Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) will work on selected topics in the field of AI. The lab will evaluate and support the use of AI in regional studios within the scope of Animation & VFX. The main focus here is to maintain creative control and use AI to enable faster production cycles.
The following topics could be addressed:


  • AI for Previz
  • Concept development for the generation of training data
  • Scene generation from text or speech
  • AI controlled animation
  • Creation of artistic styles using AI




Contact: ki-lab<at>

The KI-Lab Animation & VFX will start in mid 2020 and is realized by an initiative of the Ministry of Economics Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg.