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Ein Krötenlied

Song of a Toad

“SONG OF A TOAD” is the story about a stressed out human being who is carrying his unbeloved childhood right on his head – an old choleric toad. As a prisoner of his own grown-up situation, he tries to ignore this grumpy childhood talking from above, but one day he is confronted with something he almost forgot.

Basic information

Genre: Animated Movie

Production year: 2016
Running Time: 07:15 min.

Original language: German


Script: Robert Martin
Director: Kariem Saleh
Sounddesign: Dominik Kostolnik, Denis Elmaci, Laura Schnaufer
Sound: Dominik Kostolnik
Animation: Svetlana Yuferova, Ringo Klapschinsky, Anna Habermehl, Jessica Tegethoff, Kariem Saleh
Production Design: Valentin Kemmner, Malaeke Farhangadib, Alireza Hashempour, Sophie Rekasowski, Thomas Sali
Executive Producer: Alexandra Stautmeister
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Compositing: Vincent Ullmann
Lighting/ Shading: Vincent Ullmann
Rigging: Sascha Langer
Narrator/Voice Actor: Benjamin Hille, Peter Kaghanovitch, Andreas Mannkopff, Gerald Friese
Schnittberatung: Martha Ewa Wojakowska


Wiesbaden Internationales Trickfilm-Wochenende Wiesbaden 2018
Stockholm Rex Animation Film Festival 2018
Berlin Festival of Animation Berlin 2018
Nikoz Nikozi International Animation Film Festival 2018
Hiroshima Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2018
Touring Festival Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF) 2018
Trebon Anifilm 2018
Landshut Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2018
Lissabon Monstra Lisboa Animation Film Festival 2018
Künzelsau kurz.film.fest Künzelsau 2018
London LIAF London International Animation Festival 2017
Sankt Petersburg Multivision International Festival of Animation Arts 2017
Wiesbaden Internationales Trickfilm-Wochenende Wiesbaden 2017
Kerala Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival 2017
Viborg Viborg Animation Festival 2017
München Animago 2017
Los Angeles SIGGRAPH 2017
Rio de Janeiro Anima Mundi 2017
Emden Internationales Filmfest Emden 2017
Zagreb Animafest Zagreb 2017
Stuttgart ITFS Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2017
Lille Fête de l'anim 2017
Roanne Ciné Court Animé 2017
Stuttgart Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2016
Paris Panam Anim 2016


Künzelsau kurz.film.fest Künzelsau 2018
Jurypreis für die beste Animation
London LIAF London International Animation Festival 2017
Best Use of 3D Award
Wiesbaden Internationales Trickfilm-Wochenende Wiesbaden 2017
2. Platz Kategorie Best of German Animation
Los Angeles SIGGRAPH 2017
Best in Show Award