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  • Fuse

    2018, 07:00 min.

    How do we best kill the mouse?

  • Brechen

    2017, 03:34 min.

    Bibi hangs herself but she can't die because her neck becomes longer and longer.

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  • Augenblicke

    2017, 03:56 min.

    Three perceptions of only one truth - hers, his and ours.

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  • On Your Way

    2017, 06:41 min.

    Life is like gravity because we all are attracted by death. That is what Adam realizes after he wakes up in free fall, somewhere in the ...

  • Creature Pinup

    2017, 01:01 min.

    Creature + Pinup = CreaturePinup Calendar

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  • A Priori

    A Priori

    2017, 05:23 min.

    To protect his books, Albert, the young librarian, must put his prejudice aside and make friends with a bat.

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  • Contra

    2017, 03:00 min.

    In an abandoned building a horse enters the territory of a bull.

    Both know that they have to proof their worth and dominance to each ...

  • Moody Booty

    2017, 02:54 min.

    A dance film about the fight within, which has to be fought time and time again and is never fully won. And yet, the rewards are worth the ...

  • Lilith

    2017, 01:28 min.

    In a colorful World a little black girl wants to be part of the community.

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