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  • JellyPimple

    2019, 01:38 min.

    Do you like pimples?

  • The Beauty

    2019, 04:14 min.

    The Beauty is a poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world, where plastic and nature becomes one. For one breath our concerns ...

  • Pumpers Paradise

    2019, 02:30 min.

    In a world populated with fitness-addicts, we face them with their biggest challenge: Boring everyday situations!

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  • Gravedad

    2019, 10:30 min.

    Some days are light and some days are heavy

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    2019, 05:33 min.

    In a gloomy 2D animated world, the blind girl Kitana has to discover, that fulfilling her greatest desire demands a terrible sacrifice.

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  • Blieschow

    2019, 09:35 min.

    Tom spends every summer at his grandparents' farm, a place full of lightness. But this year is different; the two boys have to take on ...

  • SMOG

    2019, 05:19 min.

    Does Konrad succeed in breaking out and seeing the sky again ?

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  • Musicanimals

    2019, 01:30 min.

    Five musicanimals, half animal half instrument, they live with different beat.

    Will they be able to play a common music?

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