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Lena-Carolin Lohfink, Graduate Animation/Effects Producing

What was your career path like before starting your studies at Filmakademie's Animationsinstitut (studies, training, job experience and internships)?

Before I came to Filmakademie, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Media Production (B.A.) at HS OWL. Between my A-levels and my studies, I gained experience in various internships in the media and film industry and worked as a tutor for mathematics and image processing.

Why did you choose to study AEP?

As an Animation/Effects Producer you make the ideas of others possible. The AEP program offers a variety of opportunities to help shape a film, to learn from outstanding talents in the industry, to realize great projects and to discover the world from new and different perspectives.

What is special about Animationsinstitut?

Animationsinstitut offers its students autonomous, project-oriented work, access to new technologies and first-class contacts throughout the world. A package that prepares you well for this young industry.

What was your daily life as a student at Animationsinstitut like?

My daily study routine consisted of planning and monitoring the resources for my projects, creating and updating budgets, as well as looking at the projects with my teams and discussing goals. That hasn't changed much in my professional life.

As a producer, Lena-Carolin participated in creating the immersive project Asperity.

What are you taking with you from your studies at AI in general/ AEP in particular?

Studying at Animationsinstitut has opened doors for me that I might never have reached otherwise: studios in Germany, UK, LA and film festivals around the globe. The AEP course not only prepared me for my job as a producer, but also formed me and taught me that the team is the key to success.

What are you going to do now or after your studies?

After my studies I started working as a producer at Goodbye Kansas Studios in Hamburg and since then I have been producing exciting, fun and elaborate creatures and animations for commercials together with my German and Swedish teammates.

Why should I apply for AEP studies at AI?

Animation/Effects Producing is a unique course that combines economic project management with technical innovation and artistic freedom. If you have a penchant for numbers and controlling, are inspired by breathtaking images and/or want to try out new technologies to inspire other people, you've come to the right place.

What do you recommend to potential applicants?

Every project is unique, i.e. you never stop learning. Be ready to face new challenges again and again, to work together with different people and not always have everything under control. Stay flexible, be open and don't compare yourself with others, but be inspired by what makes this industry different every day - a colourful mix with numerous possibilities.