VPET: Supporting Virtualisation in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Filmkadamie´s Animationsinstitut releases extended Toolset for Virtual Production


Virtual Production is an essential part of ongoing research and curriculum at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. As the Corona pandemic has accelerated, the demand for virtualized production tools increased.

Filmakademie is releasing an enhanced version of VPET (Virtual Production Editing Tools) with many improvements:


  • USD Support
  • Augmented Reality support for major mobile platforms (iOS & Android)
  • Character Animation Interface
  • performance and stability improvements


Virtual Production allows to handle complex digital compositions with real-time access to its key creative components.

All ingenious departments of a film crew can get involved directly on set without waiting for the postproduction to be finished.

In a current production at Filmakademie, the team initially planned to shoot environments in Island. As the current travel restrictions make this an impossible mission, Virtual Production can be applied as a solution. By creating the environment digitally or relying on stock footage, this content can be used as virtual backgrounds in a projection or LED wall setup. VPET will be applied as a simple interface to edit digital assets, lighting and animation while communicating such to the center host application and other mobile VPET clients.



VPET is the only open-source solution allowing the freedom to choose any arbitrary host application for Virtual Production. For details refer to the list of publications related to VPET at the end of this article.




Website & publication list




Youtube Playlist


iOS App Download




VPET has been supported by the EU funded Project SAUCE under Grant Agreement No 780470.



Find out more about Animationsinsitut's R&D department here.

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