VFX Supervisor: A Technical and Creative Troubleshooter

Two questions for The Beauty's VFX Supervisor Marc Angele


As VFX supervisor, Marc Angele was in charge of the technical and artistic realization of the award-winning  short film The Beauty. Keep reading to find out what is most important for someone in his position.

What is your task as a VFX supervisor of a project like Beauty?

I started working on The Beauty during the shoot in Egypt. My main responsibility was to give Pascal the best advice and support in terms of VFX. The tasks include ensuring that we would be able to realize all ideas with VFX later and that we recorded all the plates and references.


Later in post-production, a VFX Supervisor defines the rough workflow. You have to decide which software the team uses, what exchange formats are the best solutions and then you always make sure that the technical and visual quality is maintained. In addition, of course, with such a small team like The Beauty, you also have to do a lot of shot work, create lighting and compositing setups and coordinate everything creatively with the director.

What skills are most important to have for a VFX supervisor?

"I think one of the most important skills is being able to solve problems, both technically and creatively. You don't necessarily have to have the most extensive know-how regarding every workflow step, but you need to know which team member can help you to solve the problem as cleverly and efficiently as possible. It always helped me to be neat and well organized myself and to have my time management under control.


Moreover, I think you should like to work on film sets, be communicative and take responsibility."

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