Scrubby goes to New York


Alumnus Paul Vollet gets to travel to New York City, because his diploma project is screening at Tribeca Film Festival — as part of the programme curated by none other than Whoopi Goldberg.

A story about parent-child relationships and how they change throughout time - that's how SCRUBBY could be described in a nutshell. The graduation film by Filmakademie alumnus Paul Vollet was chosen for the renowned Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. As part of the program curated by Whoopi Goldberg, the 3D-animated short film will be screened several times during the ten-day festival. Having been invited to Tribeca is a great honor for Paul and the best compliment he could have received for his film.


We are more than excited to be able to share our film with so many people at Tribeca!

Paul Vollet (Director) and Paulina Larson (Producer)

Jan Pinkava, Head of the Animationsinstitut is delighted about SCRUBBY’s success and congratulates Paul Vollet and the team behind the project: “To be selected for Whoopi Goldberg's programme and to be part of Tribeca honors the work of the Filmakademie students."


The short is about a small, furry creature that lives warm and safe in its mother's soft fur. One day, however, she gradually loses her coat. As the little being follows the tufts of hair that are blowing away, it encounters a naked, freezing creature.


SCRUBBY is a particularly personal project for Paul, due to his own changing relationship with his parents. As a child, he took it for granted that his strong and seemingly invulnerable parents would take care of him and his needs. It was a very memorable moment when he encountered a helpless person instead of his strong mother. “It then became my responsibility to help and take care of her. This may sound simple now, but was very hard to accept at the time," Paul admits.


Born in Düsseldorf, Paul received his first camera at the age of two - a gift from his mother. Since then, he has been experimenting and working on his own film projects. Films such as MAX & MARY, PARANORMAN and RATAOUILLE sparked his passion for the world of animation. Last year, he successfully completed his studies at the Animationsinstitut and received his diploma in animation. He worked on his passion project SCRUBBY for more than two years and is now excited to be able to share his film with others at the Tribeca Film Festival. The exchange with other filmmakers from all over the world will also be a great experience to look forward to.


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