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Born in Morocco, Toufik Abdedaim started his career in the film industry with a degree in 3D Computer Graphics. After working several years as a 3D artist for animation and visual effects, he applied at Animationsinstitut in 2015. During his producing studies, he gained skills in budgeting, timing, resource management, team leadership, etc. and realized various impressive animation and vfx projects such as Gravedad and Paris you Got Me. Today he works as Production Manager at Traumhaus Studios in Erfurt.

Read on to learn more about the challenges of team leadership and Toufik’s experience at Animationsinstitut.


Interview with Toufik Abdedaim


What does "team up" mean to you in the context of Animation/Effects Producing?

The first words that come to my mind are communication, exchange and trust. But the meaning can be broadened according to the nature of the project, the composition and hierarchy of the team for example, the cultural context of the people, the philosophy of the team etc. I believe teaming up is also part of a long learning process that improves with all the people you work with. The people you meet in international productions, who you come across in life in general, are all adding individual challenges or conflicts that change from a project to another.

What was essential for me in Animation/Effects Producing is elaborating plans with the team, listening closely and using emotional intelligence to find good compromises.


Why did you apply at Animationsinstitut then and would you do it again?

The field of animation and visual effects was always a fascinating sector for me, but Animation/Effects Producing challenged me even more. At that time, I wanted to know deeply how to produce an animated film from A to Z, including all the stages from the first idea and funding to distribution. That kind of study does not exist in my homeland, so when I found out that there is a school where you get trained in all that, I didn't hesitate to apply! And if I turn back, I would do the same thing over again and even try my luck several times.

Animation Producing for Gravedad by Director Matisse Gonzalez – Check out the trailer!

What event/project from your student days do you remember in particular?

A difficult question (smile) … all the projects from my student days were great and I learned a lot because every project was different in rhythm, technique, time schedule etc. I enjoyed working with artists having different cultural backgrounds, but what marked me a lot is the supportive atmosphere at Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut. The doors of lecturers and staff were always open to listen to the students and help everyone with any issue at any time.


What tip do you have for potential applicants?

The first step I took before applying for Animation/Effects Producing was visiting Animationsinstitut to learn more about the student life on campus. Also, the open day at Filmakademie which takes place in fall and the FMX Conference (this year online from May 4-6) is a good chance to learn more about Animation/Effects Producing and the studies in general. If you're interested in animation, visual effects, planning and finance, I believe you've come to the right place.

More about Toufik Abdedaim

Sieh dir Toufiks Portfolio auf seiner Website an.

Work Experience

03/2019 – Present Producer at Traumhaus Studios GmbH (Erfurt/Germany)
Hiring, planification, management, cost estimation, bidding, tracking, coordinating, controlling and reporting.


as Production Manager in “Stitch Head" CGI feature film.
as Lead Production Manager in “Conni – Secret of Mau the Cat" CGI feature film.


09/2018 – 03/2019 Production Coordinator at Hahn Film AG (Berlin/Germany)
Coordination and communication with clients.
Ensure that the team members meet their deadlines.
Data management of received footages and reference material.
Cost Estimation & New line for Production Reports.
Production Tracking with Shotgun.


2013 – 2015 3D Artist at I-Solus Technology Company (Casablanca/Morocco)
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Lighting.


2012 – 2013 3D Artist at H-Films Studio (Casablanca/Morocco)
Modeling, Texturing, Facial Rigging and Animation.


2012 – 2013 VFX Supervisor at Chkiri Production (Casablanca/Morocco)
Experience leading a team of Nuke compositors and 3D artists in an episodic TV series.
On-set supervision, script breakdown, and bidding experience.


2011-2013 3D Artist “Freelancer” (Casablanca/Morocco)
3D Modeling, Texturing and 3D Environments.


2011 3D Artist at Digital Sun Studio (Casablanca/Morocco)
Creating of Low-Poly 3D Models and 3D Environment Set Up, Texturing and Lighting.


2003 – 2007 Graphic Artist “Freelancer” (Casablanca/Morocco)
Painting, Drawing and 3D Modeling.


2021: Stitch Head The Movie/ Production Manager (in Production)

2020: Conni – Secret of Mau the Cat The Movie/ Lead Production Manager

2019: Gravedad, 2D Short Film /Producer

2018: Paris you Got Me, VFX Short Film / VFX Producer

2018: Brechen, 2D Short Film/ Producer

2017: Flo, 2D Short Film/ Producer

2016: VR Pigeons, VR Game / Producer

2016: Obolus, VFX Short Film / VFX Producer

2016: Pirate Smooch, 3D Animation / Producer

2013: Night Sword, TV series/ VFX Supervisor

2010: Pitaya, 3D Short Film / Director

2009: Aoko, 3D Short Film / Director




15th Animation Production Days May 4 – 7, 2021

The Animation Production Days, the most important co-production and financing market for animation in Germany, take place online this year. Part of this year’s APD conference program, is the section “Enable! Case Studies and Market Trends”, hosted by APD curator and Senior Lecturer Animation/Effects Producing at Animationsinstitut, Prof. Lilian Klages. One of the presented case studies is the cyberpunk project Neoshin (Producer: Jiayan Chen, Director: Sebastian Selg, Co-Director: Roman Schauer) combining a narrative series with music and new media to deliver a coherent transmedia experience.

Learn more about this year’s virtual APD.




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