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During her studies, Jiayan Chen supervised a wide variety of animation and VFX productions. Whether it was a stop-motion short film, a 3D music video, a VFX spec spot or a 2D animation series - as a producer, she was responsible for several projects and teams at once. She gained hands-on experience with different formats, techniques and production processes while honing her skills in team leadership and project management. This summer, she leaves the Animation Institute with a degree in Animation/Effects Producing.

Read on to find out what Jiayan Chen has in plan for after her graduation and what advice she gives to potential applicants.


Interview with Jiayan Chen


What does "be in charge" mean to you in the context of Animation/Effects Producing?

"Be in charge" means for me to be responsible for my project and also my team. On the one hand, it is my job to make sure that we can realize the story/idea of the directors in our animated film/series within the time and financial frame. On the other hand, I am also responsible for protecting the artists so that they stay physically and spiritually healthy during the long journey of a project despite the higher performance demands and stress levels. Every animation project is based on the intense collaboration of all team members. After all, they are the ones who create the film.


Why did you apply at Animationsinstitut then and would you do it again?

I first wanted to get an overview of the different animation productions with their diverse technical workflows. Because the technical development of a project not only supports the creative process but can also be beneficial to the production efficiency. In addition, the animation industry has become more international. I wanted to know more about global collaborations and business opportunities between different countries.

Yes, studying at Animationsinstitut was definitely the right decision for me. You work closely with the teams and are trained in project management very intensively. At the same time, you get a great overview of the animation landscape in Germany and even the opportunity to continue working on the projects beyond your studies.

Animation Producing für den preisgekrönten Spec-Spot A fished up life (Regie: Hanna Seidel)

What event/project from your student days will you remember in particular?

The production period during the Covid pandemic will remain a special memory and was a very special experience for me. Even though the projects did not always go as planned and our team could not meet in person for several months, I fondly remember the great support and motivation. Each of us got involved so we could overcome all difficulties together as a team. I will always have beautiful memories of the great collaboration with my teams!


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What's next for you after graduation?

I would be very happy if I could continue to develop the IP of some of my diploma projects after graduation. I would also like to work in a production company to gain more experience in animated film and series.

Motion Capture for the hybrid project NEOSHIN - check out the making-of!

What tip do you have for potential applicants?

I consider myself a normal student and after my experience at Animationsinstitut, I would summarize my tips with the following words: Listen well, show empathy, be open and brave, and be aware that you are a lifelong learner and evolver. I think it is also important to know what your inner motivation is. What role do you want your studies to play in your life plan?



More about Jiayan Chen

Work Experience

Jiayan Chen is currently studying Animation Effects Producing at the Film Academy BadenWürttemberg. At the same time she is working as a freelance producer. From 2014 to 2018 she studied audiovisual media (major in 3D animation) at the Stuttgart Media University. During this time she worked as 3D generalist on numerous animation projects. In 2013 she graduated with her first Bachelor degree in Journalism & Communication in China.


2018 - Liz & Evie (Stop Motion Short / Producer)

2019 - Super Size Hero (3D Short / Producer)

2019 - A fished up life (Spec Commercial / Producer)

2019 - Megan Trainor - With You (2D Music Video / Producer)

2019 - Lost in Space Season 2 (Netflix Series / VFX Coordinator)

2020 - Jelly Pimple (2D Animation Series/Mobile Game / Creative Producer)

2020 - Sprout (VFX Short Film / Producer)

2020 - Highscore Heaven (Virtual Production 3D Short / Producer)

2021 - NEOSHIN - Coldblood (Adult Animated Sci Fi / Cyberpunk Series [Pitch] / Producer)

2021 - The most boring granny in the whole world (3D Animation / Producer)

2021 - Dodo’s papa is an engineer (2D Animation / Producer)

2021 - Klimax / 3D Short / Producer)

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