The VR NOW talent development initiative is currently in the nomination phase. In workshops and mentoring programs taking place from January until March, several selected teams of alumni of higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg prepare themselves and their project ideas for the final jury session to be accepted for the funding phase.


The project-based talent development initiative VR NOW is aimed at alumni of higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg. If you have a team and an idea for a project, Animationsinstitut provides you with support, technology, infrastructure, and tailor-made mentoring programs, while MFG Baden-Württemberg offers financial assistance and an entrepreneurial qualification program. This gives you the opportunity to develop a prototype based on your project idea in the course of a year, and to present it at events such as the VR Experience Day or FMX Conference with its global influence.

We just started with a small idea we found fascinating and cool – and now, here we are with a proper business model we can present externally and which attracts really strong interest.

Michael Schranner, Creative Producer S.M.I.L.E.


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Christian Müller Head of Commissioned Productions / Talent initiatives +49 7141/96982817 christian.mueller@filmakademie.de