Diploma Showroom 2024

The 2024 on-site Diploma Showroom might be over, but throughout the year, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the graduation films and games at festivals, screenings, and events. Keep an eye out for postings and hints on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can find some impressions of this year's event further down on this page.
Have a look at the brochure for profiles of the graduates and information on the 2024 diploma projects.


Project Overview
  • -CERVUS ROSTRATUS (live action, CGI, VFX, docufiction, 3min)
  • -CURSE OF THE HAMAM (Unity game, 3D animation)
  • -DEAD END (mixed media short film, 8min)
  • -DETLEV (stop motion short, 13min)
  • -POLLIWOG (2D animation, coming of age, 9min)
  • -PEAR GARDEN (2D animation, mixed media, 7min)
  • -SPARK (short film, science fiction, 4min)
  • -THE DEEP ABOVE - FIRST HUNT (3D animation, action, fantasy, 5min)
  • -THE DEEP ABOVE - ZOA’S DESTINY (3D adventure game for PC, climate fiction, 30+ min)
  • -THE UNDYING PAIN OF EXISTENCE (2D animation,comedy, 5min)
Exclusive access to the latest productions of the Animationsinstitut
  • Projects of 2024
  • (For login information please send an e-mail to graduates@animationsinstitut.)



Impressions 2024

Parallel to the Stuttgart Animated Week, the graduates of the Animationsinstitut created an exhibition, opened up eight individual project rooms, gave exclusive glimpses behind the scences, screened their films, played the games and invited you to meet the teams. What a great day to remember!


Throwback to Diploma Showroom 2023

Last year, there was also a Diploma Showroom. You can find out more about the projects here or simply watch the video below.



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