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What does VR NOW offer to the teams?

The support provided by Animationsinstitut to the project teams selected by the main jury depends on the respective project. As a rule, it consists of the following items for each project team:

  • Designation of a senior lecturer for continuous and focused project support as well as the option to participate in consultations with lecturers who support student projects at the institute.
  • From April 1, 2020 to December 20, 2020, Animationsinstitut provides up to three workplaces with suitable technical infrastructure (VR headsets, workstations, access to IT infrastructure) on the premises of Animationsinstitut. During the above-mentioned time period, the status of participating team members at Filmakademie is comparable to that of students where access to and utilization of Filmakademie resources is concerned.
  • Server storage space and project account with access to render farm and resources of Filmakademie depending on availability and project volume.
  • Access to the internal wiki and repository of Filmakademie for the purpose of project documentation.
  • Dedicated and continuous project support by staff members of Animationsinstitut.
  • International mentors who offer specific advice on the respective project as well as specialist support and access to the regular educational content and project support provided by Animationsinstitut and Filmakademie (subject to availability).


Independent of the funding decision, all nominated teams are invited to visit the FMX 2020 (May 5 – 8, 2020, www.fmx.de). Here they will find an ideal platform to receive feedback from international experts on the submitted concepts.


  • Mentoring of the projects by the team of Animationsinstitut’s Research and Development Department
  • Support of the prototype development by MFG Baden-Württemberg with an entrepreneurial qualification program.
  • Team funding (this amount will be allocated to the projects and teams depending on requirements and after a funding decision has been made)
  • Participation in the “VR NOW” program and access to special events at FMX 2020 and FMX 2021.
  • Support and preparation for a public prototype presentation as well as continuous multi-media support for the production process and project progress.