Slouch and his potato-shaped song-writing-demon 'Nuffti' think the music they're making is great. His girlfriend Lisa who lives with him in a shabby garage finds that cute and plays along with his self-aggrandisement. But then one day the legendary music critic Chester McLean tells him that his music is boring and crushes his illusion. After Lisa then tells him that she's pregnant, Slouch is in emotional turmoil. At a viewing for a potential new, neat home, Slouch pops and pushes Lisa, which sets off a flurry of dark emotions, which almost breaks their relationship. It is only when Slouch learns not to give free reign to Nuffti, that he can find a way to live a harmonious life while still being creative - maybe even more than ever.


Jakob Schuh
Michael Bohnenstingl
Film Music
Michael Bohnenstingl
Michael Bohnenstingl
Michael Bohnenstingl
Linda Krauss
Michael Bohnenstingl
Character Design
Michael Bohnenstingl
Voice Actors
Matt Farley, Ellie Goffe, Grant Masters, Jeffrey Stafford, Clara Deitmar
Look Development & Set Design
Julia Skala
Color Script
Angele Legras
Title Design
Tim Markgraf
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg