A Juggler's Tale

Jack Wiltshire tells in his puppet show "A Jugglers Tale" about a little juggler girl who breaks out of his usual fairground world. Outside, many dangers await her. In the end, she even has to defend herself against fate dictated by her narrator Jack. The puppet frees itself from its threads and finally fights against the story of its narrator.


Anna Katharina Brinkschulte
A game by
Steffen Oberle, Dominik Schön, Enzio Probst, Elias Kremer
David Steffen
German Narrative
Manuel Ostwald
English Narrative
David Maas
Music & Sound Design
Jordan Toms
Prototype Producing
Sven Bergmann
Concept Art
Thomas Conrad
Character Design
Beate Höller, Thomas Conrad
Additional Story Development
Laura Schiereck
Lukas von Berg
Lucas Bruchhage
Intern Art & Animation
Ronja Wittke
Motion Design
Milena Mayer