20 Years 20 Projects

20 Years Animationsinstitut – 20 Iconic Projects

Animationsinstitut celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. The celebratory publication "20 Years 20 Projects", which will be published as a limited edition, presents a selection of iconic projects from the moved and moving past of Animationsinstitut, curated by Tina Ohnmacht and Andreas Hykade. For this book, 20 of our alumni have written essays on the individual projects, sharing their own personal view of them and reflecting their part in the history of Animationsinstitut. With the 20Y20P show, we are giving these projects and essays a stage during our anniversary year on our new platform, the Animation Stage. Here, we will give our Animationsinstiut community – alumni, students, staff and faculty – the opportunity to network more closely in the future. As an indispensable part of this community, all alumni are invited to participate in the pre-launch phase in May and June 2022; here, they can help shape the content and functionality of the Animation Stage with their suggestions and wishes.

Watch the Birthday Reception on the Animation Stage now!

On July 15, the Birthday Reception of Animationsinstitut was broadcast live from Albrecht Ade Studio at Filmakademie—now, you can watch the whole show on demand on our Animation Stage. While the event was opened by Dr. Claudia Rose from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts Baden-Württemberg, a journey through the history of Animationsinstitut on the occasion of our anniversary book "20 Years 20 Projects" awaits you. Look forward to screenings, live readings, and interviews with guests from all over the world.


We are happy to receive suggestions and queries at alumni@animationsinstitut.de.
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