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July 2019: Pipo

How would someone act (what are they doing and thinking), after being raised only by television for decades, and be suddenly thrown back into real-life again? The stop motion film Pipo gets to the bottom of this question. Director Eliott Deshusses likes to remember the time of the production:

"I grew up in France and started studying animation there. I learned a lot there, but I always had a massive problem with the pedagogical method. Eight hours of lessons a day, homework, grades, bollocking, and so on. That's just the way it is in France, from the first grade up to university, you have to do what the teacher says. I knew that things were different in Germany, but I would never have guessed that a successful school like Filmakademie would help its students to reach their goals with freedom, trust and benevolence.

As I started in the third year of studies (lateral entry), I was able to start my diploma film almost immediately. I decided to write something myself and to put it into action. It was a great experience to make the film, but also a great challenge, only this time my lecturers and the academy staff supported me and my team. It is supposed to be the most normal thing in the world for a university to run like this, but for me it felt like a blessing that had fallen from heaven. That's how Pipo could come into being."


Director: Eliott Deshusses
Script: Eliott Deshusses
Executive Producer: Anna-Louise Dietzel
Cinematography: Adrian Langenbach
Film Music: Florian Lipphardt
Sounddesign: Johannes Kunz
Sound: Alexander Rubin, Luis Schöffend
Editing: Florian Kläger
Production Design: Simon Schabert, Sophie Rekasowski, Marlen Grassinger, Josephine Borcherding, Bernhard Boehringer, Claudia Frank, Eva Kaldenbach, Verena Sprich, Marikarmen Kober, Fiona Auer
Production: Alexandra Stautmeister, Mareike Keller, Teymour Tehrani
Narrator/Voice Actor: Steffen Mueller, Ana Monte
Actor/ Protagonist: Anselm Roser, Thomas Zerck, Paul Maresch, Amélie Tambour